Catch the Tahquamenon Phenomenon with a Park and Read Pass

Julie Bitely

| 2 min read

With summer winding down and temperatures dropping off, it’s a great time to wrap up the season with a trip to one of Michigan’s many state parks. If you weren’t able to make it up north this summer, take a weekend to get to the U.P. and check out Michigan’s most visited state park, Tahquamenon Falls.
The falls have long been a well-concealed Michigan gem. Their centerpiece, the Tahquamenon River and waterfalls, is situated at the heart of the park’s 50,000 acres. The Upper Falls within the park have a drop of almost 50 feet, a width of more than 200 feet and a water flow of over 50,000 gallons per second. So with the right gear and preparation, it’s a great place to cool down and stay active.
The Tahquamenon Falls State Park also boasts amenities for fishing, hunting, boat rentals, paddling and hiking among other recreational options. Its many wilderness trails and lodging options also make it a great place to kick back before a busy fall season.
A fact shack near the upper falls is a great place to start they day and features hands-on attractions, exhibits, displays, maps, park information and helpful park staff. Visitors can even try out the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery to end the day with local catch and beer.
But the best part of it all? You can get there for free! BCBSMThe Department of Natural ResourcesThe Michigan Recreation and Park Association and Michigan Public Libraries have partnered to offer free state park passes for a limited time. The program, known as Park and Read, allows cardholders to attain free one-day passes to enter and explore one of Michigan’s 102 state parks. The one-day passes allow for one vehicle entry into a park and are active for up to one week after checkout. All you have to do is visit a participating library to request a recreation passport from a librarian.
Park and Read applies to any state park that requires a recreation passport so you can take advantage of this great offer throughout the Mitten state. It only lasts through September though so try it out before it’s too late. Michigan’s beauty will be present year round, but you can only get in for free for so long!
Photo credit: George Thomas

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