Banquet Honors “Giants” in Grand Rapids’ African-American Community

Julie Bitely

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grand rapids giants awards
Recognizing individuals and organizations who contribute to a better Grand Rapids is the aim of the Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) Giants Awards.
Presented by GRCC’s Bob and Aleicia Woodrick Diversity Learning Center, the awards celebrate the contributions of African-American community members. The 33rd annual event will include a banquet and awards presentation at 6 p.m. on Feb. 7 at DeVos Place. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a sponsor of the dinner and celebration.
Honorees are recognized for a number of categories named after local individuals in remembrance of their contributions to areas such as human rights, education, community service, health, business, and religion.
Proceeds from the event will benefit the Grand Rapids Community College Foundation’s Milo M. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund. Two or more scholarships are awarded annually to African-American students.
This year’s award honorees are:
  • Michelle Lloyd-Paige, Ph.D., Floyd Skinner Justice Award
  • Floyd Wilson, Jr., Walter Coe Public Service Award
  • Larry Arnold Brewer, PA-C, Eugene Browning Medical Service Award
  • Dallas Lenear, W. Plummer Humanitarian Award
  • Lawrence N. Redd, Ph.D., Ethel Coe Humanities Award
  • Keli I. Christopher, Ph.D., Milo Brown Business Award
  • Dianne Green-Smith, Ph.D., Phyllis Scott Activist Award
  • George Grant, Jr., Ph.D. and Beverly Grant, William Glenn Trailblazer Award
  • Joseph D. Jones, Raymond Tardy Community Service Award
  • New Hope Baptist Church, C. Toliver Religious Life Award
  • Diane McMillan, Hattie Beverly Education Award
The “Giant Among Giants” award will be announced at the banquet. This award is presented to a person whose achievements are felt throughout and beyond the Grand Rapids community and is a past Giant Award honoree.
Are you attending the Giants Awards banquet? Who do you consider a community hero? Let us know in the comments.
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