A Healthier Michigan Team Spotlight: MSU vs. CMU

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CMU vs. MSU football
To help celebrate the upcoming CMU vs. MSU football game on Sept. 26, we asked some of the Healthier Michigan team on either side of this rivalry to share their favorite football memories, traditions and more.
Scroll down to get to know a few of the proud Spartans and Chippewas behind ahealthiermichigan.org.
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Name and School Favorite CMU/MSU football tradition or college football memory? What do you miss most about campus? Favorite tailgate snack? Words for your rivals? Score predictions? Angela Hernandez Loyd, CMU Being in East Lansing in 2009 when CMU upset MSU with a last-second field goal. Unbelievable! Breakfast on game days at Lil’ Chef, grabbing lunch in the Down Under, and celebrating wins with friends. Probably those little smoked sausages on a toothpick. Not so healthy, but good! Fire Up Chips! Jenny McCallion, MSU Tailgates up at State – tennis courts! They’re actually even more fun when it is mixed with the rivals for the competitive camaraderie. Campus in the fall. The leaves turning. Deciding where to eat or go after the game. Harpers, for sure. I miss the Dubs after the hangouts, too. Hot dogs. I’ll play nice and leave them with a good luck 24-10, victory for MSU!!!!!! Meghan O’Brien, MSU While at State, I loved tailgating with my roommates and going to the game or tailgating and coming back to our house to watch the game. I love East Lansing and still have to drive by my old house on Spartan Street from time to time. Our favorite corner bar, the Spartan Sports Den, has since been converted to a Mexican restaurant. The best thing about MSU though was the great friends I had there, especially my roommates. Buffalo Chicken Dip I have no ill will toward the Chippewas. I definitely think State will win the game. I’d guess 28 to 14 as the final score. Helen Carlisle, MSU I don’t think I can pick a favorite memory, there are too many! I had season tickets all four years of my college career and visit my alma mater every season for football games. I love the sport and MSU’s tailgating traditions. I miss being close to all my good friends and celebrating MSU victories in downtown East Lansing. My favorite tailgate snack is guacamole, which is perfect because it matches my school colors! Sparty is eating Chips for breakfast on 9/26! Go green! Barry Prichard, CMU My favorite CMU traditions occurred on the actual game days. I love how everyone gets together to celebrate and tailgate before the games. It always felt like one big family. I miss Polo Village. For some reason there was always something fun going on in that area. I also miss Lil’ Chef. That was a great place to have breakfast. My favorite tailgate snack would have to be “Better-Made” potato chips with “Quality Dairy” french onion chip dip. It’s amazing. September 12, 2009 =) Meagan Mommersteeg, MSU I have been attending MSU football games since I was five. It’s truly a fall tradition for me and my family. I’ve enjoyed watching throughout the various aspects of my life: a kid, an MSU student and now MSU alumna with my hubby who also went to State. Everything! Is there anything better than college life? I miss being able to walk to anything and everything. I miss the Dairy Store (OK, I know it’s not the healthiest, but everything in moderation, right)? Most of all, I miss being in the same zip code as my closest friends. I really enjoy a healthy pasta salad. My mother-in-law makes a great one with Sparty noodles, veggies and a light Greek vinaigrette. I also try to eat veggies and dip instead of the chips. A school without a mascot doesn’t stand a chance against the Spartans. Angie Fisher, CMU I went to CMU during the glory days of Dan LeFevour and Antonio Brown. They were a talented pair, as LeFevour set many quarterback records, and Brown is now a starting wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They led the Chips to Mid-American Conference championship games and bowl games. It was a blast to cheer on a winning team. Our group of friends would chant “LeFevour for Heisman!” My days at CMU were so much fun. I was really lucky to have a great group of friends, and we definitely spent time at all the popular hangouts (insert O’Kellys and The Cabin here.) I really miss working for Central Michigan Life. Working as a reporter, and later an editor, allowed me to meet some great people and really take in a lot that CMU had to offer. Buffalo Wild Wings! The tradition started at CMU as we would flood the restaurant near the stadium after a home game to fill up on wings. I can taste the spicy garlic sauce now. Since MSU is ranked number 4, I think we will have to give this one to them. But, I will still hold onto our 2009 victory as a great Chippewa memory.
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