5 Questions with Detroit Pistons Mascot Hooper

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Meet the Detroit Pistons mascot, Hooper
Though the holiday parties are over for most, the celebration is just getting started for Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper, whose birthday party will take place at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Jan. 9, 2016.
Members of the Powell Middle School girls’ basketball team from Washington, Mich. will be there to help mark the occasion, thanks to a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
The Healthier Michigan team had a chance to catch up with Hooper before the big day in the latest #MIKidsCan spotlight.
5 Questions with Detroit Pistons Mascot Hooper
  1. How old are you going to be this year? 19 years young!
Detroit Pistons Mascot Hooper
  1. What’s the meaning of your name? We’re the Motor City, home of the Detroit Pistons and home of the muscle car. When you think of powerful engines and pistons – you think of horsepower. A powerful basketball player is a real “hooper”. So it’s only fitting that this powerful horse for the Detroit Pistons be named Hooper. And here I am!
  1. What’s your favorite way to horse around and get active? Being a mascot keeps me busy! I stay active by running around the court, throwing t-shirts, and running up and down the stairs to give hugs and autographs. During off days I still practice because practice makes perfect!
  1. What’s the best part of being the Pistons mascot? Seeing all of our amazing and dedicated fans and being part of the fan experience inside the arena. Nothing beats hanging out with our team and our fans at the Palace and in the community.
  1. What’s one healthy lesson you can share with kids? Eating healthy foods like veggies and fruits is a must! Also don’t forget to stay active and exercise your brain too by reading and working hard in school.
*Editor’s note: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is the presenting sponsor of Hooper’s Birthday at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Jan. 9, 2016. The first 5,000 kids to attend the game will receive a complimentary #MIKidsCan Hooper lunchbox, courtesy of BCBSM.
Help us celebrate all season long by sharing your birthday wishes with Hooper in the comments below.
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