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Hello, I'm Whitney and I'm creating a life I'm proud to live by being more health conscious, and incorporating exercise into my daily routine.

Understanding UTIs in Women (and How To Prevent Them)

Bladder infections, or urinary tract infections, he National Kidney Foundation reports that one in five women will have at least one UTI in her lifetime.

bladder infection
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Why Eating All Five Food Groups Is Essential to Your Health

There’s a lot of truth to the phrase “you are what you eat.” What you eat every day determines how well your body is fueled and how efficiently it

healthy fruits

Stressed? Get Organized and Relax

Getting organized can help you stress less. We’ve got tips to help you get it together and relax!

getting organized
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Use Your Leftovers For a Whole New Meal

Don’t throw out your leftovers! Turn last night’s dinner into an entirely new dish with these easy recipes.

Stuffed-peppers leftovers

#GimmeFive Flotus Challenge!

The First Lady is encouraging everyone to share what they’re doing to lead a healthier life by challenging everyone to #Gimme5. We accept the challenge.

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A Parent’s Guide to Food Safety

Preparing a healthy lunch is important, but, the water bottles, food containers, and lunchboxes used could leach harmful chemicals into your child’s food.

food safety

Don’t Be Afraid of The Cold

If you can pull yourself away from the warm indoor gym, you may find that a wintery workout is exactly what you need. Here’s six reasons why it’s beneficial.

running in the cold

Is Binge-Watching Television Harmful?

It seems harmless– getting settled in for a night of marathon session for your favorite TV show. But why do we binge-watch TV, and can it really be harmless?

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6 Mouthwatering Recipes Under 300 Calories

Eating healthier is a breeze when you have the right recipes; here are a few, easy recipes that are less than 300 calories.

healthy food swaps
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Got Calcium?

Your first 18 years are when your body adds calcium to your bones. Find out how much your kids need and how to up their calcium intake.

why kids need calcium
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A Beginner’s Guide to Health-Boosting Teas

Sipping tea can help you live a healthier life. There’s a wide range of flavors within every type of tea and a host of different preventative health benefits.

Types of tea
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Powerful Ways Technology is Influencing Classrooms

Our daily lives are infused with technology and it’s hard to envision life without it. Today, children are learning through technology, but, is it fundamental?

Learning with technology
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What Are Your Kids Really Drinking? (Recipes Inside!)

Are your kids drinking too much soda or juice? Find out what many drinks contain and how your kids can become healthier by drinking smoothies.

what are your kids drinking

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