The MIND Diet Slows Aging and Reduces Dementia Risk

Combining the strategies of the Mediterranean diet and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, the MIND diet revolves around healthy combinations of foods that may help reduce inflammation, hypertension and high blood pressure, and protect against cardiovascular and neurological diseases and signs of aging.

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Michigan Bucket List: Hot Air Balloon Festivals 

Hot air balloons offer the chance to see the breathtaking sight of different colors flying through the sky and learn about the physics of the balloons. There are plenty of opportunities across the state to see these spectacles. We have a list of a few different locations and dates where you can see a hot air balloon festival in Michigan.


How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Ready to mark the longest day of the year? Stick with us for tips on how to celebrate the summer solstice.

June summer sun solstice concept with silhouette of happy young woman's hands relaxing, meditating and holding sunset against warm golden hour sky on the beach with natural ocean or sea background

Creative Ways to Thank the Father Figure in Your Life

Every year it can be a challenge to come up with something new and exciting to celebrate the father figure in your life. What to do for a man who has done so much for you? We’re here to help you come up with ideas to honor the father figure in your life.


Benefits of Being Near Water

Water covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface. In Michigan, you’re never more than six miles away from water or 85 miles away from a Great Lake. For most that have ever sat on a beach and watched the water crash along the shoreline, it can feel like a moment of peace no matter how chaotic life can be. While the moments can be serene, does being near water have a positive impact on our mental health? And if so, what does it actually do for us?

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Shaping Michigan’s Future Through Talent & Workforce Development

Chuck Gaidica visits the 2024 Mackinac Policy Conference to discuss how companies across the state are shaping Michigan’s future through talent and workforce development.

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Attracting Businesses & Jobs

Chuck Gaidica visits the 2024 Mackinac Policy Conference to discuss how companies across Michigan are attracting businesses and jobs.

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Health and Wellness

Is My Water Bottle Straw Clean?

Water bottles are traveling everywhere with you and collecting the germs from places you go. From errands to work to an outdoor soccer game on the weekends, your water bottle straw is picking up bacteria in those areas.

Food and Recipes

Sushi Simplified - Easy Steps to Perfecting Homemade Rolls

While many sushi chefs spend upwards of 10 years studying their craft, it’s possible to make delicious beginner rolls at home. If you’re new to making sushi at home, try one of these easy rolls using approachable seafood and ingredients.

Food and Recipes

Philadelphia Roll with Veggies

Philadelphia rolls are a staple at the majority of American sushi restaurants. This easy beginner roll is made with smoked salmon and cream cheese, but with some added vegetables for a crunch. Jalapeño adds a little bit of heat, while green onion adds an extra pop of flavor.

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20 Years of Value Partnerships

Chuck Gaidica visits the 2024 Mackinac Policy Conference to discuss value partnerships between BCBSM and provider partners.


Is Manifestation Healthy or Harmful?

According to the law of attraction, positive thoughts attract positive outcomes, whereas negative thoughts attract negative outcomes. This idea has been interconnected with the term “manifesting”, which refers to the practice of manifesting aspirational ideas to make them a reality. And it has arguably never been more popular. If you’ve been on social media within the last year, it’s likely you’ve come across an influencer mentioning how they manifested their success and that you can too. While this practice preaches positivity, how does it affect our well-being in the long term?


How to Pair Foods to Boost Nutrient Absorption

Throughout history, certain fictional characters always gravitated towards one food. Popeye and spinach. Bugs Bunny and carrots. Winnie the Pooh and honey. While focusing on superfoods to help boost certain aspects of health – in moderation of course – is it possible to pair foods to maximize how your body absorbs those nutrients? Could these foods boost our health in a way that is noticeable?

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Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes for Dummies

Putting together a three-course meal for a special someone on Valentine's Day can feel overwhelming. The good news is it doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out this easy three-course line-up with health-forward dishes.


Why Tanning Beds Don’t Help with Seasonal Depression

Thinking about popping into a tanning bed to ward off the winter blues? Not so fast.


Creamy Curry and Veggie Soup

This flavorful creamy curry and veggie soup packs in a healthy dose of nutrients from onions, garlic, mushrooms and tomatoes. The curry paste is lightly sauteed to bring out the variety of flavors, then combined with creamy coconut milk.

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