Mental Tricks to Make Every Run Feel Easier

Do you struggle with running? We’ve all had those days where it just doesn’t click and working out feels like an uphill battle. Some running obstacles may have to do with injuries, but most are due to attitude. It’s common to assume the wall you hit is due to physical exhaustion, when often times it’s all in your head.

When you reach your breaking point, take a deep breath and try one (or all) of these tips to push to the finish line:

Make mini-goals along the way: If you’re running a marathon, knowing you have 26.2 miles ahead can be very overwhelming–so break it in to 10Ks. Before you know it, you’re a fourth of the way done, then half, then finished! The same theory applies no matter the distance. If you’re doing a 5K, break your run into one mile increments.

Find your next target: See that bench ahead? You just have to get there.  Ok, now, look at that street sign just a few blocks away. By finding that next, do-able target, you’re taking those mini-goals to a whole new level. And your mind is perfectly distracted as it’s looking for the next object to conquer.

Dedicate your miles: When it comes to long runs, a wandering mind isn’t a bad thing. Rather than focusing on the pavement and just how much of it you have left, steer your thinking towards people who inspire you.  Each mile, think about one person. What have they done for you? How have they made you smile? Charge ahead with them in mind. Mile 12 is for Grandpa. Mile 13 is for your best friend. You get the idea.

Revamp your route: If you are training, the same run can get really old, really fast. Take a right instead of a left. Try a trail instead of a sidewalk. A little variety can go a long way.


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