15 of the Best Haunted Houses in Michigan 

Michigan fall basically boils down to three main components: Sweater weather, pumpkin-spiced everything and willingly having the bejesus scared out of you. And if you require some assistance with that third thing, you have arrived at the right place.  

Some of Michigan’s best and longest-running haunted houses are opening back up for the fall season. Check out this list of 15 of the scariest haunted attractions in the state. Happy haunting! 


Azra Chamber of Horrors (Madison Heights)  

National haunted house review outlets like HauntWorld and The Scare Factor have heaped praise onto Azra since the immersive, multi-chamber production first opened five years ago. The latter even ranked Azra as one of the top 20 haunted houses in the entire country.  

A DJ and live entertainment prelude the horror as you wait in line under a heated and covered area.  

Cost: $35-$80, depending on the day.  

Address: 31401 John R. Road, Building 2, in Madison Heights 

Hush Haunted House
Hush Haunted House

Deranged Haunt (Romulus)  

Complete with a fictitious backstory about a broken-down bus and a chemical-infested lake crawling with zombies, the Deranged Haunt leaves no stone unturned in providing the most terrifying experience possible.  

If you are brave enough to depart the district and travel through the forest, the only haven is the “General Store,” located nearly a mile down the path. 

Cost: $22-$40. Add-ons and group tickets available.   

Address: 35560 Goddard Road in Romulus 

Erebus (Pontiac) 

Can you and your friends endure over a half-mile indoor walk through one of the world’s largest haunted attractions? 

This four-story tower of terror earned USA Today’s Readers’ Choice for best haunted attraction in the entire country in 2019. Erebus dazzles with its elaborate costumes, cast of characters and top-notch special effects.  

Cost: $20-60 depending on the day and package.  

Address: 18 S. Perry St. in Pontiac 

Rotten Manor Haunted House
Rotten Manor Haunted House

Hush Haunted Attraction (Westland) 

Another nationally-acclaimed destination – shouted out by NBC and Business Insider, among others – Hush Haunted Attraction is broken down into three separate attractions: “The Hush Falls Hotel,” the “Louisiana Catacombs” swampland and finally, the “Rosecliff Hall” haunted mansion.  

Along the way there are three secret bars where adults can compose themselves with a stiff drink. A mini-game experience is also available.   

Cost: $8-$65 depending on the day and package.  

Address: 37550 Cherry Hill Road in Westland 

Scream Machine (Taylor) 

Venture down the ”Hellevator” and into the downriver Scream Machine asylum, where the fiendish Dr. Strach will take you on a psychotic journey through the darkest recesses of your mind. Try not to double over in fear at the sight of the actors, realistic set designs and mini escape room add-ons.   

Cost: $25-$37 depending on the day and package.  

Address: 23131 Ecorse Road in Taylor 


The Haunt (Wyoming) 

It is high time that haunted house aficionados from other regions of Michigan learn what Grand Rapids residents have known for 20 years: The Haunt is no joke.  

Each of the Haunt’s five bone-chilling stories provide a different experience, all of which should leave you gasping for air: “Forsaken,” “Aberration,” “Aftermath,” “Tinkles Torment,” and “the Frenzy Circus.”  

Cost: $22-35.  

Address: 1256 28th St. Southwest in Wyoming. 

Hush Haunted House
Hush Haunted House


Darksyde Acres Haunted House (Jonesville) 

This rural Michigan staple of 15 years petrifies Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois residents with its five themed and extreme haunted houses.  

Darksyde Acres is one of the largest haunts in the tri-state area. Its enthusiastic actors and handmade sets cater to all ages and fear tolerances of all levels. Do your best to escape Michigan’s largest chainsaw maze.  

Cost (cash only): $22 

Address: 11375 Rowe Road in Jonesville 

Jackson’s Underworld (Jackson) 

Are you prepared for 115,000 square feet of heart-pounding horror? Jackson’s Underworld is a newly remodeled, four-story warehouse complete with impressive animatronics and props.  

Then there is the “Psycho Vision 3D” facet of Jackson’s, which lets you throw on a pair of “Psycho 3D glasses” and get spooked in a three-dimensional setting.  

Cost: $20-$60 depending on the package.  

Address: 1318 Wildwood Ave. in Jackson 

Niles Scream Park (Niles) 

Roughly 44 acres of blood-curdling fear awaits you at Niles Scream Park 

If you have been to Niles in the past, you will not have the same experience if you go again this year – Niles rebuilds all seven of its attractions each year to provide you with completely new and unique shows, one of which is its “Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride.” Hop aboard a tractor-drawn wagon and ride through a mile-long trail filled with more than 40 sets that will take you on a journey through the legend of “King’s County.” 

Cost: Price for individual attractions range from $16-$22. Combination packages start at $31.  

Address: 855 Mayflower Road in Niles 


Exit 13 (Mount Morris) 

Wall-to-wall terror awaits you at this Flint-area haunted house that has been spooking eastern Michiganders for 10 years. Exit 13 is chockful of intense features and extreme imagery to test the limits of your courage and resolve. 

Cost: $30. 

Address: 6069 N. Saginaw St. in Mount Morris 

Rotten Manor (Holly) 

This uniquely immersive haunted attraction in Holly includes the Manor and the “Rotten Asylum/Forest.” If you survive, it will take you at least 35 to 40 minutes to do so.  

Rotten Manor

Test your limits on the “Rotten Hayride,” which takes you on a chilling ride through the haunted woods of Rotten Manor, which also boasts a midway full of carnival-themed games and family-friendly activities.  

Cost: $25-$50 depending on the day and package.  

Address: 13245 Dixie Highway in Holly. 

Scarefest Scream Park (Lenox) 

From their all-ages “Hayride of Doom” to their much more intense “Castle of the Dead” haunted house, Scarefest Scream Park strives to create unforgettable attractions for every visitor. 

Scarefest is also home to a “Forest Walk” and “Haunted Maze.” Every weekend at Scarefest is a party, as evidenced by their beer tent, food, live music, bonfire, and scary movies.  

Cost: $15-$65.  

Address: 34111 28 Mile Road in Lenox. 


Edson Incident Ship of Nightmares (Bay City) 

No attraction on this list is quite like the Edson Incident. 

Taking place aboard the decommissioned USS Edson – a Vietnam-era Navy Destroyer – the Edson Incident is a nightmarish journey built around the concept of a fictional military experiment gone horribly wrong. 

Twist and turn through five hellish decks of the Edson as each turn and stairway uncovers a new nightmare.   

Cost: $17-$35. 

Address: 1680 Martin in Bay City 

Terror on 27 (Ashley) 

More than 100 fictitious construction workers mysteriously perished during road work many years ago, and every October they wander back to the site – much to your dismay.  

Do what you can to prepare for Terror on 27’s three haunts – “Insanity,” “Entanglement,” and “Animosity,” where you’ll stagger through the tunnel of delusion, mine shafts and an improbably challenging maze.  

Cost: $10-25.  

Address: 8691 S. Bagley Road in Ashley 

Factory of the Dead (Saginaw) 

Factory of the Dead offers more than just one of the most hellish haunted houses in mid-Michigan – it is a facility with fully-immersive escape room games, the first UV-3D GellyBall arena in the country and axe throwing.  

Cost: Haunted House tickets start at $20. Customizable combo packages are available.  

Address: 906 Lapeer Ave. in Saginaw. 

Photo credit: Hush Haunted Attraction/Rotten Manor

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