Beat Holiday Stress with These Four Meditation Apps

While the holidays might be thought of as a time to feel happy, many people can experience sky-high stress levels. That’s why now is the perfect time to try a meditation. Meditation is a great way to calm anxiety, improve sleep and become more focused. But how do you do it? One of the easiest ways is to download a meditation app—they come loaded with guided meditations so all you have to do is sit quietly in a room and hit play. The soothing voice will tell you what to think about and how to breathe. Think of it as going “ohm” for the holidays. Here are four worth downloading:

  • Insight Timer: This free app features more than 4,000 guided meditation sessions from 1,000 different teachers. Pick the topic that speaks most to you (they range from self-compassion to releasing anxiety to falling asleep) and listen to the calming words.
  • Calm: Use this app for meditation sessions – which you select based on topic – that range from three minutes up to 25. Or go with the Daily Calm option, which is a 10-minute program you can listen to once a day to feel more centered. The app also has breathing exercises, unguided meditations and soothing sounds to help you get to sleep.
  • Aura: Set your calendar reminder and use this app daily for quick, three-minute meditations. Pick the time of the day you’re likeliest to get it done (for example, after showering in the morning or before bed each night).
  • Buddhify: Each meditation in this app is tailored to target a specific aspect of your life. For instance, if you need help going to sleep, or need a break from work, Buddhify has a meditation for you. It also has a check-in system, so you can track your progress and see how often you’re meditating.

Which of these apps are you going to try over the holidays? Tell us in the comments below!

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