Why Biking Mackinac Island is a Michigan Must

Biking on Mackinac Island is one of those quintessential Michigan experiences you should have at least once in your lifetime.

Bikes can be transported to the island for a fee on the ferry of your choice or you can rent a bike once you get there. Many hotels offer complimentary bikes to guests. Visit the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau when you arrive on the island to locate current bike rental shops. Almost any type of bike you can imagine – including tandem bikes – are available to rent.

More than 80 percent of the island is a protected state park with plenty of challenging mountain bike trails to explore throughout the forested interior. Recreational riders will love riding around the island’s eight-mile perimeter trail, also known as State Highway 185. Since no motorized vehicles are allowed, you’ll enjoy scenic views of Lake Huron and the Mackinac Bridge stress-free.

Along the way around the island exterior, you’ll want to stop and take pictures of Arch Rock, which juts out nearly 150 feet above the water. History buffs will enjoy markers at various intervals describing the island’s Native American history. The British Landing on the northwest side of the island is another interesting historical site marking the location where British forces landed in the War of 1812.

If your legs can handle it, biking to the island’s interior is worth the trek to see the historic architecture and cemeteries as well as Fort Mackinac and the iconic Grand Hotel.

Wind down your day on the island’s main street to enjoy a local bite to eat, some shopping and fudge – you’ve earned it!

Have you biked the island? What are your favorite attractions to see? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. We were there last week took our own bikes.and as usual biked around the island and up to Fort Holmes.it was rainy so we didn’t get as much biking in as ususl

  2. Love Mackinac Island and have biked it many times. Always a beautiful and enjoyable ride. The island is one of my favorite spots in this entire state. I think the beauty of no cars is just the best and nothing can beat the feeling of watching the last ferry of the night pull out and you staying back on the island, very magical.

  3. Leslie Lane in the interior of the island (near Arch Rock) is the most incredible 1 mile ride you can take on Mackinac Island! It’s like riding a roller coaster on a bike!!

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