#MIKidsCan Champion of the Month: Naiya Krispin

Some third-graders shy away from a challenge, but not our April #MIKidsCan Champion of the Month. Naiya Krispin, 9, holds high expectations for herself as an athlete and student.

Above all else, Naiya knows a healthy body depends on a healthy mind. Before a practice or game, this sports-lover turns her focus to school work and studying.

“To be healthy, everyone should make time for working out, eating fruits and vegetables and studying,” she said. “Education is a big part of health.”Naiya playing soccer

Before discovering her passion for basketball and soccer, Naiya, like many others, faced the frustration of being a rookie.

“When I first started, I wasn’t as good and thought a lot about not doing it anymore,” she explained. “I didn’t quit, I just took a little break to calm down and think about what I wanted to do.”

As it turns out, her love for the game was enough to keep her going. Fast forward to now, Naiya is the teammate scoring goals and being a part of the action—whether she’s on the court or a field.

“Before every game, I set goals and expectations for myself on how I want to play,” Naiya shared. “I always make sure to do warm-ups that wake up my nerves and get the blood flowing.”

Naiya’s advice to other kids? Don’t be afraid of something just because you aren’t the best player on the team.

“Never give up or feel like you’re not good enough for something you really want to try,” she advises. “Getting frustrated is just a waste of energy.”Naiya wearing a helmet skateboarding

Do you know a child who deserves to be recognized for their commitment to living a healthy, active lifestyle? Nominate them at AHealthierMichigan.org/MIKidsCan.

Photo Credit: Suj Sastry and Dean Krispin (feature and inset)

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