5 Good-for-Your-Heart Recipes for Healthy Aging

How heart-healthy is your diet? If you haven’t considered this, you might want to take a look at what kind of foods fill your plate. That’s because, while heart disease is the leading cause of death for adults over the age of 65, some simple tweaks to your diet can lower your risk. For example, replacing meats that are high in saturated fat – like beef – with leaner options – like chicken – can go a long way. So can adding in more foods like salmon, nuts, beans, avocados, and vegetables.

The best part about these simple heart-healthy recipes? Not only are they great for you, they’re delicious too!

Superfood Pizza

Southwestern Chicken Wraps

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  1. Being a heart patient, I always wondered of healthy dishes that can be highly suitable for my health and fitness. I always looks for something like this only.Chicken nuggets are always my favorite one but a healthy Chicken Nuggets is still in search!! Finally, I has reached on relevant site. I love your healthy recipes and now I a am feeling great!
    Thank you for sharing the post!!

    1. Hi David, Thanks for the feedback! We’re glad this post helped you keep up with your healthy lifestyle. -Taylar

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