#MIKidsCan Champion of the Month: Caleb Neubecker

Not many people can say they discovered a lifelong passion at age three. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s March #MIKidsCan Champion of the Month, however, did just that.

Caleb Neubecker, now an 11-year-old, has been dedicated to baseball, basketball and football for as long as he and his family can remember.

“Caleb lives for sports and pours his whole heart into whatever he’s playing,” his mom shared. “He is competitive for sure, but more than anything he has a love of the game and just enjoys staying active.”

Caleb’s commitment to basketball was especially rewarding this year. The Mount Pleasant Oilers point guard was chosen from more than 200 submissions as the winner of the #MIKidsCan Pistons VIP Experience for his outstanding display of sportsmanship and dedication to staying active on and off the court.

“During basketball season you will usually find him dribbling around the house incessantly and playing outside as much as he can,” Caleb’s mom explained. “He watches professional basketball, studies videos online in order to better himself and even showcases some of his own skills with a teammate on their YouTube channel.”

Though his participation in basketball is what made him eligible for the contest, Caleb’s favorite sport has always been baseball. Just last year, he hit a walk-off home run in the district championship game and shortly after his little league team took home second place at the state tournament.

Regardless of the season, this energetic fifth grader finds a way to stay moving throughout the entire year.

“I run around a lot at recess, play basketball every single day and do push-ups and sit-ups at home,” Caleb explained. “I stay active because it’s good for your body.”

Do you know a child who deserves to be recognized for their commitment to living a healthy, active lifestyle? Nominate them at AHealthierMichigan.org/MIKidsCan.

Photo Credit: Kristin Neubecker (feature and inset)

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