How To: 5-Minute Desk Exercises with Resistance Bands

Angelia Johnson is a certified fitness coach, lifestyle coach and licensed Zumba Instructor.
Angelia Johnson is a certified fitness coach, lifestyle coach and licensed Zumba Instructor. Courtesy image.

With a busy schedule, finding time to exercise might be just another item to tack on the already impossibly long to-do list.

Angelia Johnson, certified fitness coach and an executive assistant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, knows that doesn’t have to be the case. Johnson says there are many simple exercises that can be performed virtually anywhere (even at work) regardless of fitness level.

Johnson has a long history of physical fitness and healthy living. As a child she was heavily involved in sports and developed a passion for nutrition. She enjoyed teaching her family to eat healthy.

Johnson began training on her own, and over time she became a certified fitness coach and licensed Zumba instructor as a way to help others.

“You find time for whatever you want to do,” says Johnson.

As a mother, Johnson knows firsthand the challenges parents face when trying to prioritize health and individual needs, which tend to be put on the back burner.

Johnson suggests parents prioritize time with a calendar and find kid-friendly activities to do as a family.

“Consistency is key,” said Johnson. “If you have a vision of being a better you, whatever that is, your approach has to match that vision.”


How do you incorporate simple workouts into your daily routine? What other things do you do to stay active at work? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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  1. I received an Apple Watch for my birthday. It has a few wonderful features that I find extremely valuable as a small business owner. However, there is a bonus feature that I was unaware of: a “stand” reminder. If the watch senses that you’ve been in front of your computer too long (which those of us with desk jobs have a tendency to do), it signals you to stand. I use this alert to walk to the other room to fill my water bottle, and then recruit my office mates to step away from their desks for a “group plank.”

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