Michigan Farm-to-Table Restaurants Roundup

If you’re looking for a meal that’s fresh and locally-sourced, farm-to-table restaurants have you covered.

The trend of restaurants using ingredients fresh from the farm shows no signs of slowing down as consumers demand quality and sustainability in their food. Many local farms are happy to supply restaurants with fresh produce and grass-fed livestock to give their food an extra, healthy kick.

The best part? Unlike most trends, you don’t have to live on the West Coast to experience this phenomenon. There are plenty of exquisite farm-to-table restaurants all over Michigan. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorites:

Northern Michigan

Black Star Farms: Located in Suttons Bay, Black Star Farms offers a unique experience when you visit. From wine tasting to hearty dining options, you can even stay the night here and experience it all! Black Star Farms was even named best farm-to-table cafe in Michigan in 2019! Come check out their awesome dishes with Michigan produce and protein, or participate in a cooking class to start cooking like a professional.

The Marq: One of the Upper Peninsula’s best restaurants, The Marq is known for their variety of farm-to-table foods that vary based on the season. If you’re in the Marquette area, visit The Marq to support local farmers and indulge in a delicious meal from unique pasta dishes to fresh fish.


Red Haven: A once in a lifetime kind of place, Red Haven, located in Okemos, is notorious for their irreplaceable dishes and tapas-style dining. The old barn-themed restaurant specializes in giving each entrée an unforgettable name like Bake, Fry, Render, and Dredge. With a farm-to-table mission, this restaurant has a variety of meats, produce, dairy, cheese and grains that come from local farms only.


Bradley’s Bistro: In Saginaw, a couple opened this family-friendly restaurant with an idea to bring more local and healthy cookeries to the city. With a chef’s background, the owners offer fresh and flavorful food while giving a sense of community. Bradley’s Bistro is recognized for their self-brewed beer and homemade bacon.

West Michigan

Terra GR: Terra GR is located in Grand Rapids’ Eastown neighborhood. Wood-fired pizza, pasture-raised meats and homemade pastas are a few of many delights this restaurant has to offer. This artisinal restaurant embodies seasonal and healthy locally-grown foods. A “born from the earth” attitude has allowed this restaurant to create a distinct menu with great happy hour options.

Southeast Michigan

Café Muse: Royal Oak houses one of the most unique cafés in the southeast. Café Muse is dedicated to bringing customers a unique eating experience with fresh and local food. The European style dining option is sure to “wow” customers with their unforgettable breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items like; challah French toast, nitrate-free turkey bacon and seafood cheddar grits.

What are your favorite local farm-to-table restaurants? Share by leaving us a comment.

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