How to Ace Your #HealthyMe Goal to Exercise More

Stick with your goal to work out moreA few weeks ago, we discussed how to reach your goal if you’re trying to eat healthier. Now we’re talking to those of you who have made goals to exercise more or get into better shape. If that’s you, are you finding it hard to fit in those trips to the gym? You aren’t alone—beginning an exercise regimen and sticking with it can feel impossible at times! But it isn’t, you just need to follow these tips:

Switch it up! Sometimes all you need to do to get an extra boost of motivation is to change your routine. If you’ve been consistently running a few miles every other day, try signing up for a group cardio class or working out with a personal trainer. At the very least, create a playlist with your favorite new motivational songs.

Get enough sleep. It’s tough to get yourself amped up to work out if you are exhausted. If you want your body to change, getting enough sleep (7 to 9 hours a night) is vital. Sleep helps restore the body and brain, giving you the energy you need during a hard workout. Even more so, a study by the Public Library of Science found that people who slept less than seven hours a night ate more and weighed more than those who got more sleep.

Get it over with. If you often feel drained by the end of a long work day, wake up an hour earlier and get your workout done at the beginning of the day. Not only will it feel amazing to cross exercise off your list before your day even starts, but early morning activity jumpstarts your metabolism and increases mental sharpness. A tip to motivate you to get out of bed is to set the coffee maker on a timer so it starts before you wake up.

Make it fun. You should never dread exercise. Yes it should be hard and take a lot out of you, but you should feel accomplished afterward, not defeated. If you are dreading every workout, try something different. Not everyone loves the same thing, so maybe you’ll get more enjoyment out of biking with a partner, joining a running group or taking a Zumba class. Make being active fun.

Ask for support. Both online and in-person support is critical to getting and staying motivated. Make sure you check out the #HealthyMe community page to interact with other #HealthyMe members, and check out the content page to find a lot of advice about healthy eating, exercise and more.

How do you stay motivated with your exercise goals?

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  1. “How do you stay motivated with your exercise goals?”

    I remind myself that every day is an opportunity to move my body. I don’t let setbacks become excuses. Missed days are past and a new day means I can choose to get my sweat on. On a serious note, I replay my family’s history of chronic conditions and short lifespans. Enough said.

    I am grateful for my health and my body. I’m in my middle years and I feel more motivated, more informed and very happy when I do my body good.

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