Easy lunch ideas for kids using Michigan’s in-season produce

Healthy breakfast? Check! Teeth brushed? Check! Homework complete? Check! Healthy (and homemade) lunch? Check!

If you are like most busy Michigan families, packing a lunch before your kids head off to school needs to be a quick process. This typically prompts parents to purchase pre-packaged lunches at the grocery store, such as Lunchables, so kids can grab lunch and head out the door to school in no time.

One of the more alluring things about pre-packaged lunches: they are easy to buy. Luckily, so are crackers, cheese, fruits and turkey slices. A ham, cheese and cracker pre-packaged Lunchables for kids have 930mg sodium and 20g fat. Plus, they typically cost more than $3 for one!

Instead, spend 30% less on a healthier, homemade version, full of nutritious locally-grown foods that your kids will love. Here are some examples of how you can turn the popular pre-made lunch at home with food from right around the corner.

Looking for more in-season produce for the entire school year? We have a full list!



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