Zumba: more like a party than a workout!

Dancing.  I love it.   But what I love even more is that there have been reports suggesting that dance is effective in improving self-esteem and reducing stress.  As a form of exercise, dance can benefit both the physical and emotional aspects of quality of life.  Those two characteristics of dancing are what have allowed me to feel amazing both inside and out over the past twelve years.  It’s why I won’t ever permit myself to stop “moving to the music,” it makes me smile and keeps me fit.

The American Cancer Society says that dance can actually be used as therapy.  The American College of Sports Medicine claims that particular forms of dance can be used not only to burn calories and fat, but can also be used as a type of cardiovascular workout which is beneficial to the health of your heart.

One form of dance is Zumba.  From my own experience and from the experience of friends, I can say that participating in a Zumba class feels more like a party than a workout!

Zumba is fun for anyone who likes to move to music, regardless of age, dance experience or fitness level because it uses upbeat Latin dance steps.  The aerobic dance, which is often done in a class setting, has been growing in popularity due to the positive health benefits.

Similar to walking or running, Zumba is considered a weight-bearing activity and helps a person maintain and improve bone density.  Zumba dancing also provides the opportunity to build muscle strength and increase endurance.

And Zumba burns those calories too! A typical one-hour Zumba class can burn anywhere from 400-600 calories, depending on a person’s weight, age, fitness level and intensity of exercise.  Awesome or what?

But best of all, Zumba allows fitness to be fun!  I don’t know about you, but if fitness is fun then I’m more apt to participate in it.  Zumba really is more like a party than a workout … and who doesn’t enjoy a party, especially with a few dozen friends?

You can join me in an upcoming party, a Zumba workout party that will be taking place in Southwest Michigan at The Renaissance Athletic Club on Friday, the 16th of August.  It’s an “I LOVE ZUMBA PARTY” from 6-8 PM. Please pre-register by calling The R.A.C. 269-927-1129.  Registration is free.

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  1. I didn’t know that dancing can be considered a form of therapy, that is great! I would like to change up my workout routine and think Zumba would be a fun option. Hopefully, I can find some classes near me.

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