MI Big Green Gym: Riverside Park

One of my favorite attractions about living in Grand Rapids is Riverside Park. The park itself is enormous, but it is also a combination of activity, sport, water, leisure, and family fun. Now that last month’s flooding has receded, I ventured that way on a sunny afternoon this week knowing that the majority of the park was now dry and accessible.

Riverside Park runs a large expanse of Monroe Ave. in Grand Rapids, entirely along the Grand River. The park makes you feel like you’ve escaped the hustle of downtown Grand Rapids, though it is barely outside the heart of downtown and still well within the city limits. Coming in at a total of 250 acres, Riverside Park hosts a ball diamond, soccer field, disc golf, playground, walking path, two boat launches, picnic tables and shelters, grills, parking and restrooms.

In the warmer months especially, I make a point to fit a visit to Riverside Park into my weekly schedule. The walking trails are paved and relatively wide so as to accommodate biking, rollerblading, walking, and running all at once. A pet friendly park, the walking paths are also popular for dog walking. In my years of visiting Riverside Park, I have never seen it empty on land or in the water. The park’s paths measure dependent upon the start location, but have both a 2.2-mile option and a 1.5-mile option. Here are a number of photos from my recent visit to Riverside Park.

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Photo Credit: Tom Glod via Pixabay

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