2013 Restaurant Weeks in Michigan

There’s something special about a night out at an expensive restaurant.  The way the food is put perfectly on your plate to make it look as delicious as possible or the attentiveness of the waitstaff to every detail of your meal.  And that first bite always seems to be better than you expect.  

And then comes the check.  It always seems bigger than you expected, no matter how careful you are in ordering.  It’s usually enough to make sure you only enjoy this experience on very special occasions.

Luckily, many cities around Michigan have jumped on the Restaurant Week bandwagon.  It is an organized effort to market some of the best eateries in town at a fixed price that is much more affordable.

Here is a list with links to give you the opportunity to try a restaurant week in your area, or to perhaps lure you into that location you’ve heard so much about.  Enjoy and let us know what you enjoyed or if there may be another restaurant week that we may have missed. 

Ann Arbor – June 9-14, 2013
Birmingham – February, 2014
Detroit – April 19 – 28, 2013
Grand Haven – February, 2014
Grand Rapids – August 14-24, 2013
Kalamazoo – January, 2014
Lansing – July 21-25, 2013
Muskegon – June 14 and 15, 2013
Oxford – Later in 2013
Plymouth – September, 2013
Rochester – August 23 – September 1, 2013
Royal Oak – March, 2014
Traverse City – February/March, 2014
Troy – August, 2013
Wyandotte – February, 2014


Photo credit: TheHungryDudes


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