Creative solutions for staying on track to hit your weight-loss goals

Have you ever noticed that a common trait among those who have recently discovered that they enjoy healthy living?  I feel it’s the ability to be creative.

It really is a great trait to have.  In fact, I believe that each of us has creativity within but we have to be bold enough to use it!

Creativity allows us to develop new ideas, especially when we are looking for solutions to a problem like staying on your weight-loss goals.   Finding a solution isn’t difficult, they are a dime a dozen.  But many solutions are boring and lack any type of enjoyment. The result is that the solutions don’t last very long.   The problem comes right back.  This is when creativity needs to kick in!

It’s always gratifying for me to watch their facial expressions when they realize that their creativity has developed a solution they’ll like doing.  That is why I will tell you that creative people love healthy living– they enjoy what they are doing!

Over the years, I’ve collected and come up with several creative solutions to many different weight-loss problems, including:

And that brings me to the most recent problem -one that is extremely common especially among many young people today – was just expressed a few days ago by a woman who was truly concerned:  

“I know I should not drink it but I just love pop!  It’s one of those things that I can’t go a day without.  My pop addiction is probably the reason why I can’t lose weight even though I try to eat healthy foods.  I don’t know what to do and I need help.  What do you do if you want to drink something that tastes good but without all the calories that pop has?”   

Again, there are numerous creative solutions for this particular problem.  One of my favorite creative solutions is to make a flavored tea that you can brew up yourself in the refrigerator.  The next time you are at the store take a look at the endless variety of teas that are offered.  Vanilla, green, raspberry and pumpkin spice are a few of my favorites.    All I do is place a tea bag into a favorite water bottle  (you can use a 20 oz. pop bottle so it feels and looks familiar as you focus on ending your pop habit) let in steep in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning it will be ready to drink – a cold, delicious beverage that contains zero calories!   Sometimes I add real lemon and the sugar substitute stevia.

What are some of the creative things you’ve done to stay on track for your weight-loss goals?

Photo credit: Dave Schumaker

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