5 Great Holiday Stress Relievers

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s often the most stressful time of the year as well. Gift buying, party after party, sending out holiday cards and looking your best are among the many “extras” we try to squeeze in during the month of December. Add a few birthdays to the mix and maybe a head cold or two, and you’ll find yourself stressed out of your mind.

Have No Fear…

We’ve provided five ideas to stay calm and carry on this holiday season.

  • Scented oils – Aromatherapy gets its name for a reason; the simple use of scented oils can be very calming and different oils have different effects
    • Lavender oil, one of the more well-known scents, has a very calming effect for most people and can also be used for mild insomnia
    • Peppermint oil is a great headache remedy – just rub a little dab on your temples (avoid the eye area!) for instant relief
    • Rose oil, one of the lesser known oils, is also great for depression, anxiety and stress
  • Massage – Stress relief doesn’t have to include a trip to your local day-spa, which can cost you a fortune. Try personal massage items for yourself or to give as a gift
  • Curl up with a book – Make time for yourself to relax and curl up with your favorite book by candlelight; It’ll allow you an easy escape from the holiday chaos
  • Get moving – We all know that making time to stay active is one of the best stress-relievers of them all; if you can’t schedule a full-workout, take a quick walk or plan a shortened workout session…every little bit counts
  • Soak up the heat – The holiday season means one thing for weather: dropping temperatures! Take a bath, hit the sauna or steam room at your gym or treat yourself to an at-home spa treatment

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How do you plan to relax this month?

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