12 Reasons to Make Someone Laugh Today

What did one eye say to the other eye?

Something between us smells.  

Cheesy? Yes! Did it make you smile? Well, I hope so. As we all know, life is great when we can share laughs with one another.

The Best Medicine

We have heard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you know that laughter increases happiness and intimacy? Best of all, it is free, fun and easy to use. And, laughter benefits the body physically, emotionally and socially.

Laughter can:

  1. Strengthen the immune system
  2. Boost energy
  3. Diminish pain
  4. Protect from the damaging effects of stress
  5. Relaxe the whole body
  6. Prevent heart disease
  7. Ease anxiety and fear
  8. Improve mood
  9. Strengthen relationships
  10. Attract us to others
  11. Enhance teamwork
  12. Promote group bonding

Medically Necessary

According to an article from NY Times, professionals in the medical field, artists and writers are incorporating humor, specifically comics, to tackle sensitive diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Alcoholism. This method isn’t being used when a patient is diagnosed with these diseases, rather when coping with the disease on a personal level with a family member and/or friend. The article shares:

Comics have also been used in creating professional manuals so colleagues can learn and relate in a new and different way. These graphic novels “can break down defensive mechanisms that doctors construct to deal with patients’ problems”.

This isn’t to say that using tasteful humor to help patients cope with a serious diagnosis isn’t out of the question. I think this can be helpful once the shock has worn off and the patient is in the acceptance stage. Humor often comes from pain and reminds us that we are human and will cope in our own way. Maybe with a bit of humor, it will be an easier pill to swallow, so to speak.

Laugh Often

Bringing more laughter into your life doesn’t sound like it would be too hard; but, for some people, it may be. Sometimes life gets us down and it is hard to think of the positive things or even consider laughing. If this sounds familiar – start small – and try one or more of the following:

  • Smile: It is contagious just like laughing
  • Count your blessings: Make a list of the good things in your life. Concentrating on the good things in your life will help break down the barrier that is keeping you from happiness and laughter.
  • Be around happy people: Positive people tend to be happier all around and may rub off on you.
  • Talk humor: Ask people what made them laugh during the day or week because chances are, their experiences will make you laugh as well.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Laugh at yourself – don’t take yourself so seriously
  • Smile at situations instead of dwelling on them
  • Deal positively with stress
  • Take a child’s approach to life and have fun, live and laugh


 What makes you laugh?

Photo credit: Rob Lambert Resource: www.healthguide.org; NY Times Comic credit: Graela

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  1. Some people laugh at others when they have make them to lost either their job, relative, position, properties, e.t.c.,e.t.c. which are actually true.
    And all these are out of medical field.

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