The Family Guide to Affordable Activities Across Michigan

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Family activities around Michigan
Michigan has one of the best summers in the United States, but sometimes it can feel impossible to take a family out without spending a fortune on tickets, food and transportation. Before you break open your piggy bank, check out these low-cost ways to enjoy Michigan’s beauty:
Hit the water. Renting a kayak, canoe, tube or stand up paddle board usually costs less than $15 per person and gives you and the family a great opportunity to explore the great outdoors, create memories and get in a workout. Explore Milford’s many lakes or the inland lakes and rivers around southeast Michigan.
Find a public beach. With more than 3,200 miles of shoreline, it seems like you’re always close to one of Michigan’s sugar sand beaches. Gather up your beach pails, shovels and sunscreen and spend the day building sand castles and swimming at one of Michigan’s public beaches. There are even a lot of beaches that are dog-friendly. Find the nearest public beach to you here.
Explore Michigan trails and picnic areas. Pack a picnic basket, put on your hiking boots and hit one of Michigan’s many trails. Michigan has beautiful trails running along shorelines, near dunes and through forests. Plus, trails can be used for a lot more than walking: You can mountain bike, fish and, on most trails, bring your dog. Here are some of our favorite trails from around the state.
Shop at farmer’s markets. Spending the morning exploring a farmer’s market can not only help you stock up on fresh, local produce, but it can show your children just where food comes from and give them a chance to pick some veggies and fruits out themselves. From Holland to Ann Arbor to Marquette, there are plenty to choose from. Find the nearest market to you here.
Visit planetariums and aquariums. Although most days right now are sunny and warm, rain sometimes sneaks into the forecast. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, head to one of Michigan’s planetariums or aquariums. Did you know The Belle Isle Aquarium is the nation’s oldest aquarium? They have a fantastic electric eel exhibit and admission and parking are free! Additionally, The University of Michigan’s planetarium has imaginative shows like Larry Cat in Space and Stars to Starfish.
What’s your favorite inexpensive way to be healthy with your family in Michigan this summer?
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