Make a Splash at Michigan’s Indoor Water Parks

Julie Bitely

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Two kids coming down a water slide
Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, a place to host a unique birthday party or an adrenaline rush, Michigan’s indoor water parks have you covered.
We’ve got a list of parks across the state and we’ve included their most thrilling attractions to help you decide where to go.
  • Avalanche Bay Indoor Water Park:“Powerful G-forces glue the rider to the wall the entire way around a 360-degree Super LOOP, all leading to a gentle landing in the watery run-out.” That’s the end of The Big Couloir water slide – the beginning starts you off in a capsule angled 10 degrees from vertical, which means you’re basically standing up – a trap door then releases you into a narrow tunnel where speeds can reach 38 feet per second. Experience this thrill ride at Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls.
  • Gold Rush Indoor Waterpark:Take on Rustler’s Gulch, West Michigan’s tallest indoor waterslide, which ups the fear factor with “steep acceleration, light and dark areas and a splashy finish.” Head to the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury to check out this 60,000-square-foot water park.
  • Great Wolf LodgeHead to Traverse City to experience Alberta Falls, “four stories of exhilarating, fast-water fun” which takes riders on a tandem tube ride outside the building and back in before ending in the park’s plunge pool.
  • Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel:Slip and twist down Loon’s Loop, a fast-paced three-story slide designed for one or two riders on inner tubes, one of many attractions at this 33,000-square-foot water wonderland. Soaring Eagle is located in Mt. Pleasant.
  • Splash Universe:Grab a tube and journey down the Goldmine Adventure Water Slides, which travel outside of the building and back in again, perfect for “the bold and brave-at-heart in your family.” Splash Universe is located in Dundee.
  • Surfari Joe’sTwo extreme slides – Rhino’s Rage and Hippo’s Hollow – twirl and whirl through tubes that “funnel outside of the park landing you back inside with a big splash.” Try them both at this Watervliet attraction.
  • Zehnder’s Splash Village: The Super Loop Speed Slide shoots you down a “four-story straight drop through a 273 foot long, 360 degree loop all the way to the bottom within 6.9 seconds.” Try it if you dare at Zehnder’s, located in Frankenmuth.
Have you taken the plunge at any of these indoor water parks? Tell us about your favorite in the comments.
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Photo credit: Kurt Magoon

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