Low-Sugar Lunch Box Snacks that Taste Great

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low-sugar snacks
With holiday gatherings filling our calendars and treats everywhere you turn, it can be hard to manage your child’s sugar intake. But too many sweets can cause your child to have a spike in blood sugar, only to cause them to crash later in the day. While you can’t control everything they eat (and this season is about having a few special treats), why not focus on packing healthier lunches this month? Include some of these delicious and healthy snack options to fuel them through the holiday fun.
  1. Ants on a log: Bring back this classic from your childhood and share it with your kids. Ants (or bugs) on a log can get an update by swapping in almond butter and dried cranberries for the peanut butter and raisins. Simply slice up pieces of celery, fill the center with almond butter and top with a few dried cranberries. Many nut butters have added sugar so make sure you chose one that doesn’t have any.
  1. Apple chips: Many kids will ignore a whole piece of fruit in their lunch boxes, but if you replace an apple with apple chips, they’ll gobble it right up. These apple chips don’t require a dehydrator or any fancy equipment. Simply core and slice an apple, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake them.
  1. Sesame bars: Most granola bars have loads of sugar lurking in the ingredients. These sesame bars are a great alternative to add to your kid’s lunchbox and taste amazing. They also contain important nutrients like magnesium, zinc and fiber. The best part? This recipe is only made up of three ingredients.
  1. Roasted chickpeas: Your kids will love how crunchy these chickpeas are and you can feel good knowing this healthy, baked treat is packed with energizing protein. Top them with flavorful spices like cinnamon, garlic and onion powder or just a sprinkle of salt.
  1. Fresh vegetables with hummus. We all love chips and dip, but this is a fun, fresh and healthier version. Cut up a variety of veggies with a side of hummus or salsa for a filling snack.
Pick any of these recipes and you’ll feel great about sending healthy snacks to school. Your kids will enjoy these new and delicious flavors without realizing their snacks are good for them.
Photo: Jo Naylor

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