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Hike It Baby
I want you to think back to some of your fondest childhood memories.
When I think about some of my fondest moments as a child, the majority involve being outside. To this day, hearing the sweet melody of an ice cream truck will always remind me of how hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids always came to a momentary stand still as we indulged in a cold treat while playing in the Texas heat.
I can also feel the cool blades of grass under my feet as I run to catch lightning bugs in a jar while visiting family in Arkansas. Chances are most of your favorite childhood memories involved fresh air and one of the best natural sources of vitamin D too.
Most of my childhood was spent playing outside when I wasn’t in school or doing homework. My brother and I knew to go home when it started to get dark outside if our parents didn’t call us in first. Chances are that your children might be spending significantly less time outside than you did as a child. Studies have shown that the average child in the United States only spends four to seven minutes in unstructured outdoor play each day. There is a reason why they call it the great outdoors, the benefits of exploring and playing outside are endless.
Hike it Baby is a non-profit organization that has grown dear to my heart. Their mission is dedicated to developing communities that get families outside with children from birth to school age. With my family’s love of nature, growing a branch in my community was something that I instantly felt the need to do when I stumbled upon Hike it Baby in spring of 2015.
Hike it Baby Jackson is currently one of 11 branches in Michigan. There are over 200 branches across 47 of the United States and into Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, and Australia. All branches are similar in that we inspire wellness, no hiker is left behind, and it’s an all-inclusive environment.
The word hike is used loosely as many branches do urban strolls, park play dates, and other outdoor activities that don’t always involve dirt trails. To find a branch near you, visit Hikeitbaby.com, and become part of the Hike it Baby family. Together we are raising a generation to love the outdoors!
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Danna Nims
Danna Nims
Danna is a born and raised Texan who followed her heart to the Mitten state and married a Michigander. Her newly growing family has begun to set roots for the upbringing of their little explorer, Abigail and their sweet yellow lab, Lola pup. She is a Registered Nurse, a Branch Lead for Hike it Baby, and loves to travel.
Find a chapter of Hike it Baby near you and learn more about the organization here. Look for upcoming guest blog posts by the organization right here through MI Big Green Gym, a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, mParks (Michigan Recreation & Parks Association) and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. MI Big Green Gym promotes Michigan’s extensive park and recreation opportunities as places to get active and stay healthy.
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