5 Food Trends That Will Shape the Way you Eat in 2015

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Last year saw an explosion of new food trends, like cronuts, butter being welcomed back into kitchens and gluten-free going mainstream. And as 2015 begins, it’s natural to wonder what’s in store for this year. While trying out popular dining fads isn’t for everyone, it does give you a chance to experiment with new foods and cooking styles you may not have heard of before. With that in mind, here some of the fresh trends that will be arriving soon:
  1. Sipping bone broth: Bone broth contains minerals that are believed to nourish skin cells and help calm inflammation in the body. The benefits come from the magnesium, potassium, calcium, amino acids and collagen in the bones that get transferred to the broth.
  1. Moving further away from mass produced: The craft food and drink trend has kept growing and is now becoming a staple in local restaurants and grocery stores. More and more consumers want to eat items produced on a smaller scale to ensure quality and to feel a closer connection to the brands they choose. That’s good news for you, since Michigan is already home to so many delicious food companies (like al dente pasta out of Whitmore Lake, American Spoon in Petoskey and Detroit’s Germack Pistachio Company and McClure’s Pickles).
  1. Supermarkets raising the bar: Under pressure from gourmet grocery stores, farmers markets and even restaurants, larger supermarkets are upping their game. And one way they are doing that is by hiring chefs, registered dietitians and other experts to help shoppers select healthy foods and learn how to cook with them. Sound good to you? Meijer, which has 106 stores in Michigan, has a team of dietitians on staff to do just that.
  1. More same-day delivery: People want their groceries delivered and they want them faster than ever. That’s why 2015 will see an increase in services such as Instacart, which offers delivery in as little as an hour, and Google’s grocery delivery offering called Google Express. Neither are in Michigan yet, but both plan on huge expansions this year.
  1. Coconut sugar: Coconut sugar isn’t just sweet, it’s also loaded with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin B. And because it contains a fiber called inulin, which my slow glucose absorption, it’s touted as more nutritious and lower on the glycemic index than sugar. As you dive into this trend, just remember that coconut sugar is still a sweetener and is high in calories, so keep it in moderation.
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