You’ve Never Seen Yoga Like This Before

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Yoga has this reputation for being kind of serious. You go into a serene studio with some candles burning and move through your poses silently. But while there are definitely yoga classes that are like that, there are some other varieties around Michigan that are a little more…out-there. These classes are still a great way to show your body some self-love (yoga strengthens muscles and improves flexibility while helping reduce stress and boost confidence), but they each have a twist that makes them a whole lot more fun.
  • Goat Yoga: Pingree Farms, located on the outskirts of Detroit, is home to many animals. But it’s the goats who turn out to be natural yogis. During the classes, which take place in a barn-like setting, the goats will come cuddle up next to you or even hop onto your back. Sign up through their website (just wear something you don’t mind getting a little dirty!).
  • Bend & Brew: How do you make a traditional yoga class better? Add beer! Brewery Becker offers yoga on the second floor of the brewery every Tuesday. These classes feature a relaxing yoga session led by Tocca Massage with a post-namaste social hour featuring their delicious beer. Drop-ins are welcome; all you need is your mat.
  • Cat Yoga: Now you can practice your cat and cow pose with actual cats! Tiny Lions, a cat café and adoption center in Ann Arbor, lets you balance and stretch around their furry little friends. The best part? If you have a special bond with one of the cats, Tiny Lions can help you set up the adoption. The yoga classes happen on Sundays and Thursdays and cost $10 (pre-register here).
  • Paddleboard Yoga: This summer is the perfect time to try yoga on the water. The hour-long class on Moon Lake combines stand up paddling, surfing and yoga poses for the ultimate test of balance. Don’t be nervous if you’ve never hopped on a paddleboard before—if you fall off you’ll just get a refreshing dip in the water! Sign up for a class here.
  • Glow Yoga: You know it’s not going to be a normal yoga class when it starts after dark and you get handed light-up jewelry and batons. That’s exactly what happens at Glow Yoga, which is part of Live the Riverfront, put on by the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. It only costs $5, but make sure you register, as space is limited.
  • Rooftop Yoga: You have the rest of the year to do yoga in a studio so why not take it to the next level—literally!—with Yoga Lab’s Sunday morning rooftop yoga class. You’ll get a beautiful view of the city from the roof of Detroit’s Music Hall. Space is limited so sign up on their website to guarantee your spot. Yogis on the west side can also do rooftop yoga at 616 Lofts all summer long.
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