The Surprising Reason Girls Should Tune In To The Women’s World Cup

Dr. Angela Seabright
Kelly Hall

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women's world cup
As World Cup front-runners, millions of soccer fans are watching the U.S. women’s national team closely. Hopefully, daughters across the nation are watching too–and not just because they’re soccer fans.

The Women’s Sports Foundation reports that just 25 percent of girls in the U.S. regularly engage in the right amount of physical activity.

This is an unfortunate trend considering the benefits that come with exercise, like higher self-esteem, reduced risk for disease, improved learning and better sleep.
To help combat this, members of the U.S. women’s national team have stopped in 16 different locations across the nation as part of the #SheBelieves campaign. The program is dedicated to helping young females become the best they can be whether it’s in a sport or in their future careers.
By visiting young girls all over the country and encouraging them to set high goals, the team is helping to create more than just new fans.
Here are three ways girls across Michigan may benefit from watching the World Cup:
  1. Expanding their interests. Female professional athletes help to set an example and serve as role models young girls can look up both on and off the field. Girls may even consider picking up the sport themselves if they don’t already play.
  1. Bringing #SheBelieves to life. Hearing this motivational message helps young people believe that they too can be successful. Seeing the athletes on the field brings the #SheBelieves message to life.
  1. Identifying with the pros. Watching women’s sports on television allows girls to see athletes they can identify with. By seeing the nation rally behind these women, they can be encouraged to set high goals for their own futures.
The team encourages girls to share their stories and aspirations on Twitter using hashtag #SheBelieves. You can also click here to print your own #SheBelieves poster to sign and share your dream with others.
Now that we know the team believes in the future of our nation’s girls, it’s time for us to believe in them. The U.S. takes on Nigeria Tuesday, June 16 at 8 p.m. for its final game in the first round of the Women’s World Cup tournament. If the U.S. wins, they’ll advance to the knockout rounds in a great position.
Whether they win or lose, the U.S. women’s national team’s message for girls is something that deserves to be celebrated.
Watch the video below to learn more about #SheBelieves.
Photo Credit: Jwiley
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