Struggling to get started on losing weight? Just “give it and live it”

Jodi Davis

| 4 min read

It is particularly troubling when you you have hit that mark when you’re not only considered extremely overweight but are placed into a category with the label “morbidly obese.” Of course you want to lose weight – you always have – but there is one thought that’s continuously on your mind, “I don’t know where to begin?”
It’s an overwhelming question. You know from past experience that trying to lose a couple pounds can be difficult; it’s almost inconceivable to shed over 150 pounds. How do you start?
I had tried thousands of diets in the past and knew that each one only caused me to gain weight in the end. I knew that I didn’t want to go on yet another diet, one that would cause me to focus on all the foods that I loved and wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy. I’d “been there, done that” way too many times before and I was tired of all those unsuccessful diet attempts. When it came to fitness centers or a gym membership, that was something I personally wouldn’t consider. I didn’t want to be seen in spandex and it was something I couldn’t afford anyway. I had given up and accepted what I had been told by my grandfather, that I was always going to be fat.
But then my turning point arrived in the later part of 2000. Do I wish that it would have occurred sooner? Without a doubt. I wish that it would’ve came when I was only ten years old, in fifth grade when I noticed I was one of the fattest girls in my school. I wish it would’ve happened when I was 16 – an age I was finally “old enough” to date but always felt like the most undesirable girl in high school.
And I really wish the turning point would have arrived back when my daughter was teased because she had the fattest mommy. But those weren’t enough. They just made me more depressed. Each was not a turning point, but accumulating situations that were added to my list of “Why I Need to Lose Weight.” This list of mine was compiled for 25 years; twenty-five very long and depressing years.
Like I said, my turning point happened when I least expected it, which is how most turning points seem to work anyway. What amazes me is that my turning point was focused on the health aspect of being obese, NOT the appearance or emotional aspects. For 25 years, I only focused on my looks and how I felt about me. I always shrugged off the fact that obesity can kill you.
But when I viewed my husband’s cousin in a casket (who was only in her early 40’s), witnessing her teenage son crying over her … reality finally set in. This wonderful mother of his who was excited to see him graduate soon, possibly marry in the future and give her a grandchild or two someday was now gone. Her life was over.
At that time I had a bigger weight issue that she did and knowing that she passed away from heart related issues caused by her obesity really scared me. I have three children and they are my world. I realized I had been selfish. So selfish that I cared more about the taste of food than I did about my health. Food was more important to me than taking care of my body. I had allowed myself to become morbidly obese even though I have three children who depended on me to be there for them.
I finally could answer the question, where do I begin? The love for my children forced me to.
You can begin like I did, by living a new and different kind of lifestyle. It starts with no more dieting. You must focus on healthier eating and portion control … it’s really that simple. No stress, just smart decisions. Next you have to begin by burning off the excess weight, but how?
The method needs to be affordable and you must enjoy doing it anywhere at any time of the day. And it can’t take up too much time with your hectic schedule. Why not begin with walking daily, maybe around 30 minutes or less per day? That’s something I can do at no cost; anytime, anywhere with anyone.
My question of “I don’t know where to begin?” finally had an answer. Begin by taking that first step. That’s what I did and I lost 162 pounds in 16 months.
If you are asking yourself the same question today, please know that there IS an answer. All you have to do is “give it and live it.” I know you can!

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