Michigan August Bicycle Races You Need To Know About

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Michigan bike races
Cycling is one of the best ways to workout. The low-impact exercise increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, joint mobility as well as reduces anxiety and depression. Being so good for you, it’s no wonder why Michiganders across the state love it. Hundreds of bicycle races are taking place this summer, but ones in August look particularly interesting.
  1. Castle Tour, Owosso
Riders have the opportunity to bike alongside the picturesque Shiawassee River on paved and dirt paths. The race begins and ends at Owosso’s Curwood Castle, one of the few castles in Michigan.
When: Saturday, Aug. 6
Distance: 8, 25, 35, 65m
Entry Fee: $15
  1. Pedals and Passports, Windsor
This race might not be in Michigan, but it is hosted by the Metro 313 Cyclones. Featuring scenic views of the Detroit River and Grosse Ile, Pedals and Passports takes riders from Windsor to Leamington. The proceeds of this race go to Major Taylor Detroit, a fund to support cycling outreach in Detroit.
When: Saturday, Aug. 6
Distance: 30, 60, 100m
Entry Fee: $26
  1. Tour da UP, St. Ignace
Explore the Upper Peninsula by bike! The Tour da UP race features a five-day course, with plenty of time to stop and explore the scenic views. The majority of this race is on paved, public roads and proceeds benefit Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan.
When: Sunday, Aug. 7 – Thursday, Aug. 11
Distance: 225 miles over five days
Entry Fee: $425
  1. Lakeshore Harvest Ride, South Haven
This winding race will take you past farms, wineries and cider mills throughout the South Haven, Holland, Fennville, Saugatuck-Douglas area. There are five different races the day of, all of which wind through the beautiful countryside.
When: Saturday, Aug. 20
Distance: 5 routes, 15-100 miles
Entry Fee: $35
  1. Skirts in the Dirt, Belmont
Spread the word, ladies! This hilly race is open to women who mountain bike. This competitive race also offers a free skills clinic and pre-race course ride the day before the race.
When: Sunday, Aug. 28
Distance: 4-16 miles
Entry Fee: $45
What other races do you love in Michigan? Let us know in the comments!
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