Spend Less and Feel Your Best: Low Cost Gyms in Michigan

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low cost gyms in michigan
If you’re one of the many Michiganders focusing on improving your health this year, you might have considered getting a gym membership, then decided not to due to cost. While it’s true that some gyms can be costly, there are lower priced options all around the state. Choose wisely and you can take advantage of equipment like treadmills and weight machines as well as personal trainers and group fitness classes without hurting your wallet.
  • Fitness 19: With 12 locations throughout southeast and west Michigan, this gym gives you access to quality equipment for a low cost. Memberships start off at $19 per month depending on your location (with a $39 initiation fee). Only want to use it when it’s cold out? Go with their month-to-month option and stop going once the weather gets nicer. Each location has lockers and changing rooms, but only some have group classes (so check before signing up if that’s important to you).
  • Anytime Fitness: This gym’s locations, which can be found all over Michigan, are operated independently, so each one has a slightly different vibe and membership fee (it can cost around $40 a month or so, but ask at your closest location).
  • Planet Fitness: Planet Fitness is one of the more well-known low-cost gym chains in the country, and there are locations sprinkled around the Mitten. Membership fees start at just $10 per month, giving you unlimited use of equipment and machines.
  • Student recreation centers: If you’re a college student, a great low-cost option is your school’s on-campus gym. They tend to have everything the nicer chains have, like a full line of exercise equipment, swimming pools and workout classes while being inexpensive (or even free) for those with a student identification card. For example, the University of Michigan gym is free to students. If you aren’t enrolled, you can still get a membership if you are friends with a student or faculty member and it will cost you just $35/month.
  • YMCA: The YMCA offers several categories of membership at each of their locations (from kids to family packages). Depending on the location, your YMCA might have indoor cycling, wall climbing, racquetball, swimming and more. If the prices are too high at your nearest center, there are options such as scholarships and financial assistance available.
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