How technology can keep you fit: New fitness gadgets for spring

Angela Jenkins

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Oh how I love technology, especially when it involves fitness gadgets and fitness equipment. Although in this day and age, there is a technology and fitness overload that can be overwhelming.
Websites, apps and gadgets for fitness are great ways to keep track of calories consumed and burned for weight loss or weight maintenance. There are similarities and differences with each of these, so it is really up to personal preference.

Fit and Fabulous

Here are MSN’s predictions of the up and coming Top 7 Fitness Gadgets for this Spring:
  1. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale: A new and awesome scale that not only tracks weight but also Body Mass Index. The data can be transmitted wirelessly to the computer to track calories, set fitness goals and connect with other users.
  1. Nike+FuelBand: This looks and sounds pretty sweet. This keeps track of all sporty activity from throwing a Frisbee to basketball to walking or aerobics. Data can be shared to computer or iPhone wirelessly or with a USB. “Nike Fuel” is earned with each movement and an online competition is available as well.
  1. Under Armour E39: Wow! “Wearable Technology”, talk about innovative! This compression shirt tracks biometric statistics (heart rate, breathing rate, acceleration, body position and motion) by way of electronic sensors.
  1. BodyMedia CORE Armband: This armband measures 4 metrics through sensors to calculate calories burned throughout the day: galvanic skin response, skin temperature, heat flux and motion. Can be used with an online activity log to track statistics and set fitness goals.
  1. Striiv: “Personal Trainer in Your Pocket” is their motto. This pocket-size pedometer challenges those to get moving by scoring points with various activity challenges throughout the day. The really cool feature about this device to me is that Striiv will donate money on behalf of the user’s walking. There is a choice of 3 charities to choose from.
  1. Basis Band: Changes in heart rate throughout the day is one main feature of this band. It also tracks hours of sleep, steps taken and number of calories burned.
  1. Valencell V-LINC Earbuds: One of a kind in the market now, this technology not only plays music but also tracks biometric and physiological metrics in REAL time! The data can be downloaded to smart phones.
Here are some other ways to track calories:
Do you have a favorite fitness gadget, app or website you use to meet your health and wellness goals?
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