Healthy Weight: Love the Body You Have, Not Size Zero Models

Jodi Davis

| 4 min read

“Will I ever look good enough?” Sadly, many of you just answered that question with the one word that I wish you would not have used: “No.” It’s a very common response but it doesn’t mean that it’s right.
Come on, we should not feel this way about our appearance and subconsciously we know that — but as soon as we allow ourselves to feel comfortable with the way we look, there is another one of those continuous little reminders that tells us that we still need some sort of improvement. Oftentimes these reminders are when we least expect them, like when we’re standing in line at the grocery store and there it is: a magazine featuring a “perfect model” on the front cover.
Oh yes, her hair is full and shiny, her face contains absolutely no flaws (which goes hand-in-hand with her perfect smile of pearly whites), and did I mention that she is about the size of a pencil? We’re seeing these so-called perfect, size-zero models often now that so many women have set New Year’s weight-loss resolutions. So we proceed to read the article titles pertaining to the fact that we, too, can look just like her in the New Year. The magazine almost makes us feel as if our New Year’s resolution should be to strive for her appearance… and that is SO wrong!

An Unhealthy Striving

Here is a question that I feel you will have the right answer for: Why do the magazines feature these ultrathin, size-zero models on their front cover? So we purchase their magazines, right? They know what sells; that is their job. But have you ever taken time to wonder whether these countless magazine editors, directors, designers, assistants, or photographers look like the models on the front cover?I highly doubt it. I can virtually guarantee that most of them are larger than a size zero and have body sizes just like the rest of us, which is normal. What isn’t normal is striving to be a size zero.
But these publications have to feature someone — or something — whose appearance will cause us to buy their magazines. Just in the same way that brand new athletic shoes would be photographed and on the front cover if the magazine was about exercise. They are not going to photograph a pair of dirty, scuffed-up shoes even though that is normal, since shoes do get soiled during use. We don’t look at the magazine cover and think “Oh wow, my shoes aren’t good enough and never will be.” No, we may just like the look of the shoes, possibly consider owning a pair in the future.
We aren’t bothered when we see the new shoes on the magazine cover in the same way that we are when we view the size-zero model. For some reason, these model photos cause many women to feel pressured into wanting to be thin, just like her. It is very sad that millions of women feel that they won’t ever look like the thin model, or “good enough.”
Well, I’m here to tell you that you do look good enough! Be proud of who you are and how you look… your uniqueness is awesome!

If I Designed Magazines…

In honor of this being Healthy Weight Week, I want you to feel good about your body, including the fact that you are doing your part to take care of it. A healthy body is the most important of all, it’s what makes us feel great and enjoy life!
I personally don’t know any of these size-zero models, but I’ve read about what they eat and their health. It’s NOT good. You don’t want to live like that (or worse).
But you do want to live healthy, right? I want you to, also. In fact, if I had it my way, there would be numerous magazine covers that would include these big, bold words: LIVE HEALTHY & HAPPY – Be Proud of Who You Are!
I might even add something like this for those who often forget about how to focus on healthier eating habits when taking that quick trip to the grocery store: “Take the Pop, Pizza, Potato Chips and Pastries OUT of Your Grocery Cart: Go for a walk (aim for 2,000 steps on your pedometer) through the store again, and this time place items in your cart that are healthy, such as whole grains and loads of fresh fruits and veggies!”
What would customers think if they read that while waiting in line at the grocery store? They would realize that it is doable and makes sense — much more sense than trying to acquire “a model-thin, size-0 body.”
A healthy weight is what we all should strive for … and yes, that is good enough!

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