Family Offers More Proof That Walking Works

Jodi Davis

| 4 min read

The Strong family has been using walking as a way to lose weight and get healthy. Clockwise from left: Monique, Eddie, Shania and Joshua Strong.
“I would have never guessed that you were once overweight!” I always chuckle when someone makes that statement to me and wonder what exactly would lead them to guess that I once was. No, there really isn’t any indication that I battled my weight for 25 years and weighed 300 pounds when I first introduce myself. But since I’m continuously focusing on walking and living a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t take long for me to mention that I once lived the morbidly obese life.
The words that follow from these individuals are often comments such as these:
“No way! You weren’t ever obese, look at you!”
“What did you do, have surgery or something?”
“You look great… tell me what your secret is!”
The last is probably my favorite comment of all because that’s when I inform them that walking was my “secret” and that walking not only helped me lose my excess weight, but it is also the “secret” to keeping it off for almost 10 years!
Well, a few days ago, I was shocked to find that I was the one making similar comments.
While at Detroit River Days, a family visited the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan booth. They were the nicest people you could ever meet and I couldn’t help but notice their stunning appearance. That’s about the time when it was mentioned that Eddie, the dad, had lost some weight. I just had to ask: “How much weight did you lose?” I was surprised to hear that Eddie had lost almost 70 pounds!
My response? “I would have never guessed that you were once overweight.”
Now he was the one chuckling! Then I just had to say it: “You look great … tell me what your secret is.” The response: WALKING! I love it! And what was even more impressive is that Eddie’s wife, Monique, has lost 16 pounds because of walking, too. They look wonderful, plus they said they feel wonderful, too.
Monique told me that the entire Strong family is taking better care of their health, which includes their two children, Joshua and Shania. I couldn’t wait to ask them if I could take a photo of their beautiful and healthy family (which includes their cute little dog!), and as you see here, they agreed wholeheartedly.
It was so wonderful to meet them, and I have to agree with them when they said they have great places to walk in the Detroit area. My daughter and I explored the area later that evening and it was great to walk along the riverfront, which we both agreed was very walkable.
Not only does Detroit offer a great place to walk, but other Michigan cities have great walkability, too. Take a moment to check out this website, which ranks 74 Michigan cities by their walkability. No matter what area of Michigan you live or visit, there are wonderful places to walk and enjoy some gorgeous scenery.
Personally, I like to walk with my family members, just as the Strong family does… but I also think it’s enjoyable to walk with a group of people who also realize how much walking works. There are many walking groups in Michigan but the trick is locating them. There is a website that can help you find a walking group in your neck of the woods. Simply enter your zip code and you’ll find a local walking group to join, allowing you to walk with others who care about good health like you do and keeping you motivated to walk when you may try to find excuses not to. Some local parks and recreation agencies schedule and coordinate group walks, which I highly encourage you to participate in as well.
No excuses, that’s my motto, and by the sounds of the Strong family, it’s theirs too!
Do you know a family that has taken the steps to create a healthier lifestyle and weight loss success too? Please share in the below comment area, I’d love to learn about them!

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