A student’s guide to fitness options at five of Michigan’s biggest colleges

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It’s that time of year again: The summer is slowly winding down and the fall semester of college is beginning to inch closer and closer. Whether this fall will be your first semester at college or you’re a returning student, the start of a new year comes with a long mental check list of things to do before classes start. Preparing for the transition from summer to school can be overwhelming for anyone, but don’t forget to take care of yourself!
One item that should be on everyone’s list in big, bold letters is sign up for a gym membership! Don’t know what your college has to offer? We’ve got the fitness low-down on five of Michigan’s biggest colleges.
Michigan State University: Students currently enrolled at MSU are eligible to purchase fitness memberships at $85 for one semester and $160 for two semesters. Fitness classes and individual fitness center visits are $3 per session. Bundled options for fitness center/group exercise/pool access are also available for purchase for one or two semesters. Students have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor courts, with open recreation available at all courts.
University of Michigan: Students at Michigan have access to all recreation and intramural facilities when they pay their student activity fee each semester. This includes access to cardio and weight equipment, indoor tracks and pools as well as various courts. A variety of fitness classes are offered at $6 per session.
Eastern Michigan University: The Rec/IM center and all of its features grant open access to enrolled students at Eastern Michigan. Members have access to cardio/weight machines, indoor pools, an indoor track and various courts. EMU is currently working to develop new fitness programs and personal training services for its members.
Western Michigan University: The Rec Center is open and accessible to WMU students who have paid their enrollment fees for the fall/spring semesters. These students have open access to the workout equipment, a variety of courts, a rock-climbing wall and pool. Additional fitness options, including a variety of group exercise sessions, will have a separate charge for each class.
Central Michigan University: Students are eligible to purchase a fitness membership at the Student Activity Center for $60 per semester. Fitness classes at the SAC are $3 per session, or 10 classes for $25. Members can use their student IDs to check out a variety of equipment to use on basketball and volleyball courts.
Intramural sport programs are also offered at all of the aforementioned colleges.
Be sure to check and see if your dormitory has any workout machines, or if any remote fitness classes are offered.
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