5 Reasons to Bike Detroit…and Like It

Jacki Halas

| 2 min read

Bike Race
  1. Adventure! You’ll get to explore an exciting place.
  1. Exercise. You’ll feel better once you get moving.
  1. Summer is here! Enjoy the weather.
  1. Fun! You’ll have a great time.
  1. You’ll be supporting the renewal of a resilient and charming city
You can accomplish all of these things, and more, this weekend. All you need to do is bring your bike and a smile to the Traffic Jam and Snug on Saturday morning.
The Colin Hubbell Fund, composed of some really passionate Detroiters (including one of my awesome coworkers), is hosting their third annual bike ride. Colin Hubbell Bikes Detroit Ride 2011 promises to be a fun event that embodies everything community activist Colin Hubbellstrived to achieve during his life.
Hubbell was a champion for Detroit. He worked hard to foster community within neighborhoods and helped small business entrepreneurs achieve success in the city. A health and fitness advocate as well, his passion and vision lives on through this fundraiser and project, which provides grants to both fore mentioned causes.

Put your pedal to the medal

Like It Bike It
Ignite the Hubbell within yourself and ride for fun and with purpose. This year, you can choose between two bike routes: both start and finish at the Traffic Jam and Snug restaurant in Midtown Detroit.
The first route is eight miles long and meanders through the heart of Detroit’s midtown. Bikers will tour through Wayne State University, the New Center, Medical Center, Woodbridge, the Cass Corridor and some points in between.
There’s also a 25 mile long route, which will take riders through these same spots in addition to the heart of Detroit.
Both routes will be marked and have guides along the way. There will also be sweepers to ensure that no one is left behind or lost along the way. Businesses in the area are aware of the ride as well. So far, more than 100 people have signed up to ride. If you’re interested in signing up, register here.
Food, beverage, a tee shirt and swag are included in the registration fee. A block party featuring live entertainment and music will take place directly after the bike ride. Proceeds from the event will go to the Colin Hubbell Fund, which is administered by the University Cultural Center Association.
Photo credit: mikebaird

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