Would-be entrepreneurs, are you Co-Labing in Detroit?

Graves Neal De Armond

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In a city once derided for having no co-working spaces, there are now several open in Detroit. With the opening of Bamboo Detroit and Grand Circus happening within a month of each other last year, the brains behind both decided it was time to celebrate co-working in the city.
In that spirit, Co-Lab Detroit will be held next week, January 20-24, 2014 at co-working spaces around Detroit.
After connecting with the other co-working spaces, organizers realized each has it’s own clientele or specialty, so a celebration of that diversity is a big part of what you can expect next week. We talked with Amanda Lewan from Bamboo Detroit what else you will see during Co-Lab Detroit.
A Healthier MI: What made Co-Lab Detroit happen?
Amanda Lewan: Co-Lab is short for collaboration. The theme came from the idea that we all have great spaces and things to offer, so why not showcase them together.
AHM: How many co-working spaces are participating?
AL: There are seven locations participating in Co-Lab Detroit, but 13 total in the Metro Detroit area. If someone is in Ann Arbor, or out in Oakland county there are spaces there, too. Each of the seven has it’s own niche. Here at Bamboo Detroit, we’re all about community and collaboration. Grand Circus is more tech based, but the spaces aren’t all tech based.
AHM: Where did the idea come from for Co-Lab?
AL: Well, it was really collaborative. That’s what sparked the name. Bamboo Detroit had the idea for the name and we’re handling the web site. Grand Circus is doing some of the marketing.
AHM: A lot of these spaces are pretty new, aren’t they?
AL: Yes, Bamboo and Grand Circus opened within a month of each other in the Summer of 2013 and Tech Town’s new space is using Co-Lab Detroit as the Grand Opening for their space, Junction 440. They’re hosting a cocktail reception on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 from 6:00-9:00 pm.
AHM: What is the agenda for the week?
AL: We’re hosting the opening day on Monday the 20th and we have some really great activities planned for the attendees. Tuesday will be Junction 440‘s reception. Wednesday, there will be two events with an elevator pitch crafting planned at An Office in Detroit. Then that evening you can further perfect that pitch at Bizdom. Thursday will have lunch at Practice Space with Designing Business & Architecture and Coding for Dummies at Grand Circus that evening. The week ends with the spaces hosting open co-working days, to give everyone the opportunity to try it out for themselves.
AHM: Sounds like a full week of opportunity.
AL: We really hope so. A lot of work and thought went into the event and we look forward to hearing from everyone about their take away and ideas. We’ll finish the week with an the official After Party at OmniCorp Detroit, which is a Maker Space in Eastern Market.
Photo courtesy: Bamboo Detroit

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