Who Says Being Eco-Conscious Only Benefits the Earth?

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With Earth Hour 2021 having just passed and Earth Day right around the corner (April 22, to be exact!), there has never been a better time to adopt some new eco-friendly habits.
Going green is no new fad so there are many ideas out there to keep our planet clean and help you stay well in the process. Decreasing artificial product use, increasing organic food intake and generally living a more natural lifestyle can all enhance personal wellness while maintaining a healthy planet.
Hopefully you already know about the go-green movement, but here are a couple new ways to build on an eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle:
  • Go vegetarian…or try to at least once a week- frequently consuming meat depletes both natural water supplies and forestry. Eating vegetarian meals once per week can help save the estimated 1,800 to 2,500 gallons of water that go into processing every pound of beef in the U.S. Participating also provides an opportunity to up your fruit and veggie intake for the week!
  • Tap out- tap water has been proven to be the most eco-friendly drinking water option. Using reusable bottles and drinking fluoride-rich tap water reduces your carbon footprint, and supplies minerals for your body not found in bottled water.
  • Hang dry clothes- the perfect resource for spring and summer in Michigan! Hanging clothes on a clothesline to dry saves money, reduces water use, makes clothes last longer and gives garments a fresh, clean smell; a win-win-win-win scenario.
  • Use green cleaning productsmaking your own home cleaning products saves money and reduces the amount of artificial ingredients exposed to you and the earth. Natural ingredients like vinegar, water and baking soda can all contribute to all purpose home cleaners. Pinterest also hosts endless possibilities for simple, inexpensive cleaning product recipes.
  • Volunteer, donate or clean up- cleaning up your community is a great pollution reducer and is good for the soul. Whether it’s the five extra seconds it takes to pick up litter or organizing the planting of a tree, helping out feels good for both you and the earth.
  • Shop organic and local- nearly everyone knows about organic foods anymore. These products contain little to no chemical input, promote biodiversity and protect wildlife. Though they tend to be a little more expensive, their benefits, especially for future generations, far outweigh the costs.
Think you can do even more? Calculate your carbon footprint and tell us your own go-green goals. Even the smallest changes can save our planet and protect your health!
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