Check out some of Michigan’s trails this weekend

Maddie Michaels

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With so many outdoor activities to choose from this summer, there’s almost never a dull moment when you’re out in the fresh air. If running, playing sports, or even taking a leisurely walk outside, Michigan’s Trails are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. A trail is a beaten path through a forest or a field that has a set route leading to somewhere particular and Michigan has plenty to offer all over the state. Michigan has some of the most beautiful land, so strolling through these created pathways gives the opportunity to experience mass amounts breathtaking natural scenery.
Now you might be wondering where you can find one of these gorgeous trails to experience the beauty and fun. Whether you have a trail near your home or not, try to experience different Michigan trails this summer.
A few of the best trails in Michigan include:
  • Potawatomi Trail : A very popular mountain biking trail located in Ann Arbor. This trail coasts along several different lakes, making the beauty astronomical. With its many hills, this trail does not scare many away.
  • High Country Pathway: A 70-mile long trail that wraps around several diverse Michigan environments, allowing the hiker to experience it all. This path is so long and intense, that it takes an experienced hiker at least seven days to complete. Fishing stops can be made along the way as well.
  • Island Lake Recreation Area: Taking up a solid 12 miles of Brighton, this trail serves as a perfect getaway from the hype of urban commotion. This park is lined up along the flanks of the Huron River, giving a scenic atmosphere that is easily shown through the river-line.
  • Paint Creek Trail: Replacing an old railroad that moved passengers and freight along the Paint Creek, now lies a beautiful trail located in Rochester, Michigan. Gravel and crushed stone mark this pathway, with several benches placed by the river for leisure and relaxation.
  • Pine River: One of the most appealing streams in all of Michigan also serves as one of the Lower Peninsula’s top water paddling destinations. Located in Luther, Michigan, and passing through Manistee National Forest, this pathway showcases some of the greatest natural beauty that Michigan has to offer, both public land and waterways.
Trails can be used for so much more than simply walking. Try these activities when you’re on the trail this summer:
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Fishing
  • Water Paddling
  • Walking your child in a stroller
  • Walking your dog
  • Running, sprinting
There are so many activities that can be done on some of Michigan’s most beautiful land characterized by these trails. Choose your activity and pathway, and then get out there and have some fun this summer!
Photo Credit: Yooperann

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