Saginaw: Pulse3 Shocks and Saves Fundraiser Turns 10

Dr. Angela Seabright
Tyler Common

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shocks and saves fundraiser
The concept behind the Shocks and Saves fundraiser is one of a kind. Local physicians volunteer to play a game of hockey against the opposing team of emergency medical personnel. The goal for this whole event is to raise funds and awareness in the battle against heart disease.
This charity game is presented in partnership with sudden cardiac arrest survivor and Detroit Red Wings alum Jiri Fischer, in addition to Mobile Medical Response and the Saginaw Spirit.
Red Wings and NHL greats alike take over the ice with doctors and paramedics, with a goal for the local EMTs to “shock” and doctors to “save” cardiac arrest victims.
The Shocks and Saves fundraiser is fueled by the Pulse3 foundation, and throughout the past 10 years, many of their honored guests have survived sudden cardiac arrest.
The 10th annual Shocks & Saves Charity Hockey Game takes place at the Dow Event Center on Saturday, February 4, at 4:30 PM. For tickets and information click here.
We have some of their moments to share below.
Meet Murray: Murray “earned” his first defibrillator in 2000. Since then, he has had 5 additional updates or replacement units, and enjoyed being a member of the Lucky Ticker Club at Michigan Cardiovascular Institute. He has made positive lifestyle changes, including exercise and/or golfing 5 times each week. One year ago, he stood in as honorary “Grandfather-of-the Bride” for his twin brother’s granddaughter. He is glad to have the opportunity to spend time with his large and wide-spread family thanks to his save 16 years ago.
Myla is now a thriving 5-year-old with more spunk and energy than we know what to do with! She’s received the ‘all clear’ from her cardiologists and is doing better than anyone would have expected 4 years ago. “She has started kindergarten this year, loves to be involved in any activity available (soccer, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, basketball, ice skating), and never ceases to amaze us! “Myla is now the proud big sister to our 6-month-old daughter, Macie. As Myla says, both girls have ‘special hearts’…and regular cardiologist visits to go along with them. But we’re thankful for their health. “And one last note from Myla – ‘there’s always time for a dance break!
On March 2nd, 2016, Brock had his second open heart surgery to replace his aortic valve. The school where Maggie (his mother) works, along with the Mt Pleasant community, created “Team Brock” t-shirts before he left school for his surgery. “Although Brock had to spend his 9th birthday in the hospital, he was back at it 3 weeks later throwing a baseball in sunny Florida while we were on spring break. “Brock is an amazing kid! Since his open heart surgery, he has resumed playing baseball, soccer and basketball. “We are so grateful to so many people and had many reasons to be thankful this holiday season.
Tiana celebrates every day with a positive outlook and all the energy of an active 6th grader. Even facing frequent medical appointments and the reality of another heart surgery after her 13th birthday doesn’t get her down. “She loves cheerleading, horseback riding, and gymnastics. She also participates in winter activities like sledding and snowboarding, without being out of breath. “Tiana is thriving and energetic!”
At 78-years-old, Terry Marlinga has survived double by-pass surgery, had a defibrillator implanted, and a variety of other diagnoses. Despite all the surgeries and recoveries, he is still an avid, active hockey player and fan! His grandchildren occasionally join “Grandpa Goalie” at the rink, either on the ice or in the stands. Wherever they are, the family never takes time spent together for granted. One of Terry’s favorite memories on the ice was protecting the net in our 2014 Shocks and Saves® game against several Detroit Red Wings greats!

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