Podcast: Inside the Organization for Bat Conservation

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Inside the Organization for Bat Conservation
In this binaural podcast, host Brandon Burbank and his guest, Rob Mies, take listeners inside the Organization for Bat Conservation at the Cranbrook Institute of Science to understand how bats help us live healthier lives.
Highlights include:
  • Debunking bat myths and understanding why bats matter to Michigan
  • Going inside the “bat cave” to get up close with the biggest bat in the world, a Malayan flying fox
  • What the Organization for Bat Conservation is doing to provide care and refuge for injured bats
  • Hearing bats speak from both an audible spectrum as well as the ultrasonic sounds of their echolocation
  • How bats support Michigan’s farming industry and help make our food healthier
  • What you can do in your own backyard to protect Michigan bats in their battle against white nose syndrome and other threats
We encourage our audience to listen to this podcast with headphones to experience the full multi-directional sound.
Listen to the story below:
Inside the Organization for Bat Conservation
A special thanks to Rob Mies and the Organization for Bat Conservation for their support in the production of this podcast.
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