Michigan September Bucket List: 10 Ways to Welcome Fall

Dr. Angela Seabright
Brittany Allen

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Ready to break your hoodies and sweaters out of hibernation? As you welcome cooler days and nights in Michigan, there are plenty of Michigan destinations, great recipes, and cozy activities to enjoy.
Here’s how we plan to make the most of September:
  1. Get away one last time. September weather is perfect for a cozy cabin trip. Consider one of these under-the-radar locations for a getaway weekend. Bonus points if you cook or hang out around a campfire.
  1. Or, if a weekend away isn’t going to happen anytime soon, make the most of the time you do have and plan a relaxing and productive staycation.
  1. Try some sweet recipes. Honey offers many health benefits and can be used for many different meals. This unique One Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Vegetables recipe is great to try with kids this National Honey Month.
  1. Did you know Sept. 7 is National Acorn Squash Day? True story. This healthy gourd makes the perfect base for veggie quinoa stuffed acorn squash. Make a fun night of it with family or friends – is there really a wrong reason to celebrate? If you’re not into squash, these yummy Michigan fruits and vegetables are also in season.
  1. Own your team spirit! College football is back and it’s time for your favorite team and tailgating. Bring these healthier treats to enjoy.
  1. Some Michigan apple varieties are in season and ready to be picked. Head to your favorite orchard and make these delicious treats with your bounty: baked apples, apple, brie and pesto pizza or apple noodles with toasted coconut.
  1. Focus on you. Between school, work, sports and other obligations you might have, life is busy. Many people drop their exercise routine in favor of teh daily grind, but staying healthy will actually help you tackle more and provide energy you need to get through it all. Create a workout schedule to ensure you always have time just for you.
  1. Feeling crafty? Try some of these DIY Michigan crafts to decorate your home for the fall season.
  1. Going to miss picking fresh herbs out of your garden? No worries – just plant your own indoor version.
  1. If your changing schedule is making it hard to sleep, try adding these easy, before-bed yoga poses that can help.
What’s on your September bucket list? Share with us in the comments.
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