Local Bakery Brings Sweet and Savory Pies to Southeast Michigan

Ashley Hennen

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Apple Pie
“Pie is a food that demands to be shared,” says Lisa Ludwinski, owner of Sister Pie. She’s been popping up and delivering since 2012, but soon she’ll be sharing her seasonally-inspired goods out of her own bakery in Detroit’s West Village.
Having recently won the annual Hatch Detroit Contest, Lisa was awarded a $50,000 grant that will go straight to her build out costs as she settles into her new brick and mortar storefront. Setting up a bakery in an empty former hair salon leaves a lot of renovation to be done, but growing from baking out of her parent’s kitchen, to becoming a fully licensed bakery providing goods to hundreds each month… It’s clear this girl is no stranger to hard work.
It means that this formerly vacant storefront will be activated, serving the burgeoning community of residents and new businesses in the West Village, and it will draw in new and curious customers to the area. As dedicated as Lisa has been to growing her business and refining her recipes, she’s equally committed to serving the community.
“Detroit has the opportunity to cultivate a slowly growing, meticulous food movement that creates local jobs and is also the kind of place you could depend on as part of the neighborhood,” Lisa explains. “We believe building healthy communities is a big part of Detroit’s bright future.”
Her pies are both sweet and savory, combining unique flavors (think grapefruit black pepper meringue, salted maple pie) that make her goods a step above the usual. Sourcing fresh, and often, Detroit-grown produce, her menu rotates with each month. She’s quick to point out that Michigan is one of the most agriculturally diverse states– and it means that she has a lot of inspiration to draw from. With the fall harvest upon us, her current offerings are a brown butter plum crumble, an apple cheddar rye, and a tomato olive and mozzarella.
Sounds good, right? While Sister Pie builds out their storefront, you can find her baked goods at Parker Street Market, Germack Coffee Co. in Eastern Market, and SocraTea in Midtown. If you’re looking for a pie around the holidays or for a special event, you can order here for pick up or delivery.
Photo credit: Vita

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