Introducing our new Wellness Coach bloggers!

Cindy Bjorkquist, M.S.

| 2 min read

You may have noticed an uptick in blog posts from health experts on A Healthier Michigan lately. We’ve brought on three BCBSM Wellness Coaches to share their knowledge around fitness, nutrition, prevention, safety and more to help our readers live healthier lives:
With that, I’d like to formally introduce our new Wellness Coach bloggers:
  • Melissa Waara: Melissa is a health coach for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She received her MS in Exercise Physiology from Eastern Michigan University, where she focused on Cardiac Rehabilitation and patient education. Currently living in the Detroit Downriver area with her husband Jeremy and daughter Mallory, she enjoys to run and be with family/friends. Topics she enjoys discussing include: exercise, distance sports, stress management, and behavioral modification.
  • Sarah Micallef: Sarah is in love with food and fitness. As a registered dietitian and health coach at BCBSM, she embraces the opportunity to be able to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with people everywhere. She is a proud MSU Spartan, and treasures all things outdoors including running, camping, and backpacking.
  • Allyson Roelofs: Allyson is a health coach for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan who is also a dedicated Spartan, novice runner and aspiring Betty Crocker. She still bleeds green, 4 years after graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics. This year she advanced from power walker to jogger to runner and completed her first 5k in the Fall. Most nights of the week you will find her in the kitchen trying out a new recipe from one of many cookbooks housed on their very own shelf.
  • Noreen Gurney: Noreen is a health coach for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She enjoys working with people to help them find their motivation to improve thier health. She is also a registered nurse, wife and mom to two teenage girls. She enjoys trying healthy new recipies on her family, yoga and a good fast walk. Her health goal this year is to change that walking into jogging and join her daughters in the Turkey Trot.
Look out for great everyday wellness tips from our new expert bloggers! We hope you learn something you can use or get motivated to try something different…..all while having fun.

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