Back-to-School: Making a Michigan-Friendly Transition

Emily Morsello

| 2 min read

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It’s almost time again for parents to begin packing lunches and sending their kids off to school. It’s a tad bittersweet, since summer is coming to an end, but fall is right around the corner, along with a more “normal” schedule for most parents.
Keep an eye out for Michigan-made products that will make the back-to-school experience a great one. Here are a few to check out.

Goodbyn – Good for Lunch

Speaking of packing lunches, the Goodbyn product line really makes lunch at school a fun experience for kids and ensures that the food stays fresh. The products are easy for kids to open and carry around. There are also many different compartments in the lunchboxes that make it easy to provide healthy portion sizes and a variety of food groups.
And the cherry on top: the Goodbyn is also good for the environment.

Grocery Needs

Well, you can’t fill a lunchbox without tasty food from the local grocery store. Hiller’s does its very best to offer produce grown here in the great state of Michigan. Hiller’s is also committed to local communities and supports HungerFree, an initiative that donates food for local children that are in need. Earlier this summer, Hiller’s worked with Gleaners, Forgotten Harvest, and others to ensure many kids did not go hungry.

Preparation for Fall and Winter

Since we can’t avoid the cold weather that is on its way in a few months, it may be time to pick up a fleece or jacket from Moosejaw. This company is Michigan-based and has great love for the mitten. You will find options for kids, teens, or whoever you may be shopping for as the school year commences. And, they do offer frequent sales.

A Little Bit of Sweet

A delicious cherry delight can bring a smile to anyone’s face, unless you are allergic of course. So, where can you get some tasty Michigan cherry products? Check out Cherry Republic and invest in some cherry butter or cherry jelly for those packed lunches. The kids will love it.
Or, if you want to send a college care package to your dorm-living son or daughter, send them a tasty surprise.
What else should be added to this list? Do you support any of the companies/products mentioned above?
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