21 Days of Inspiration: Follow-Up With the Healthier Michigan Team

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21 days of inspiration
Not unlike most people, the Healthier Michigan team uses the beginning of the year to make commitments to lead better, healthier lives. But instead making resolutions that are most likely to be forgotten by the end of January, we are starting 2015 off with 21 days of inspiration.
What is 21 Days of Inspiration?
For 21 days, we will be committed to forming behaviors that, with enough repetition, will turn into a habit. The biggest problem people face when setting resolutions is thinking way too big and making them too general. For instance, one of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight and exercise more; this is also one of the most unaccomplished resolutions because it doesn’t have specific goals that can be achieved in small milestones.
The Healthier team has been working on our own goals for the past week, and now we’re checking in to share how we’re doing. Check out how we did and let us know how you’re doing in the comment section.
Team member Goal Follow-up Adriane Be more consistent by stabilizing my workout routine and going to the gym at least three times a week. I also need to make more health conscious choices when I eat, I will do this by cooking at home more often. This week was pretty successful. I went to the gym four times and worked out for at least 45 minutes each time. I cooked dinner and brought leftovers to work for lunch the next day. I was also more health conscious of my food choices this week. Angela No gluten, no alcohol and try to cook more by planning meals and using the crock-pot. One week of no gluten and no alcohol has not been as challenging as I expected. On Sunday, I wrote down a meal plan for the week and did a lot of prep for gluten-free dinners and snacks, which made things very easy for the busy workweek. My favorite dishes were a super easy crock-pot black bean turkey chili (enjoyed for dinner one night and lunch the next) and sirloin steak with green beans, which I had for dinner one night and used to top a salad for lunch the next day. I don’t really miss the glass of wine or beer with dinner…yet. Carly Plan meals for the work week, only buy those ingredients and make a home cooked meal every night. So far so good. For the last two Saturdays I made a meal plan and only bought what I needed for the week. I’ve tried seven new recipes so far – everything from crab cakes to chicken lo mein. Big steps up from frozen meals and chicken helper. I think I’m (kinda) getting the hang of this whole cooking thing! Graves Cook more, bring a lunch, incorporate more protein into my diet and walk more. This winter has been challenging in keeping the “moving more” part of my 21 day challenge, but I’m trying stretching and yoga to help since I can’t get out and walk as easily. I’m making a point of cooking more fresh foods and incorporating a smoothie with protein powder once a day. Helen Cut back on technology. Last week I made an effort to put down my phone/computer by 8 p.m. and read before bed instead of watching TV. I found that reading relaxed me and stopped my brain from worrying about things as much as usual. I was also able to fall asleep faster. The one thing I struggled with was putting my phone down. It is second nature for me to grab it and check it for no reason and I found myself doing that a lot. Julie Cut down on caffeine intake, add more fruits and vegetables into my diet and exercise more by doing 10,000 steps a day. I’d give myself a solid A- on my three resolutions. The easiest has been cutting back on coffee. I wanted to drink less for health and financial reasons, and one home-brewed cup per day is a goal I’ve been able to keep. Decaf herbal tea helps! My goal to eat a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables every day is also going well. I fell short one day out of seven, and a lack of planning was to blame. Note to self: carry healthy snacks around with you! This post from The Kitchn has helped. I was aiming for at least 150 minutes of exercise per week and I actually got 140 through a combination of walking, running and snowshoeing. Still, I know I can do more and I’m committed to reporting a higher number at next week’s check-in. Making exercise a non-negotiable appointment will help me do this. Taylar Read more and control eating habits. This week my focus has been reducing the quantity of food I typically eat. Cutting my previous portion sizes by a quarter or half has helped me feel (little by little) a bit lighter on my feet. It’s amazing what adding more fruit and taking away a few carbs can do to your morale. I haven’t been as good about cutting back on technology/visual stimulation, but did some catching up with hard copy articles and newspapers this weekend. I hope this start will carry into the week ahead.
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