A Healthier Michigan Podcast
January 3, 2019

New Episodes Starting January 10th

Show Notes

Big things are on the horizon for A Healthier Michigan Podcast. In 2019, host Chuck Gaidica will return with an all-new season full of fresh and exciting topics. He’ll be joined by a team of dedicated health experts ready to guide you through the new year and beyond.

Starting Jan. 10, gain new perspectives on fitness, nutrition, mental health, and overall well-being. Get tips on how to create healthier meal options and build sustainable workouts. Plus, discover exercises that promote heart health, and can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Every other week, A Healthier Michigan Podcast will deliver content that’s both valuable and potentially, life-saving. Make sure you don’t miss an episode by subscribing through iTunes, Stitcher and now, Spotify. You can also stay in the loop by signing up for the A Healthier Michigan newsletter or visiting the official website.

Get ready, 2019 will be a game-changer.