Camping Yurt

Accessible Camp Sites and Lodges in Michigan

Camping with mobility challenges should not have to be difficult. Check out this statewide list of accessible camping and lodge spots.

water trail

How to Enjoy Ludington’s New Accessible Water Trail 

It’s a short, protected route on calm water. Ludington State Park’s new accessible water trail is set to open this summer.

Playing In The Park With Mum

Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds Around the State 

Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds Around the State

Man Using Visually Impaired App

Accessibility Series: Apps for People with Disabilities 

There is an ever-increasing number of apps that can make life easier for people with disabilities.

Boy exercising at senory gym

Sensory Spaces for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

For people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, spaces that are too-bright or too-loud can be painfully overwhelming. Sensory-friendly activities can help.

Juanita Lillie

New Bill of Rights for Travelers with Disabilities Won’t Replace Self-Advocacy 

Juanita Lillie, who is blind, says while she is happy to see a Bill of Rights for air travelers with disabilities, self-advocacy remains key. 

Girl Being Pushed in a Wheelchair

The Family Center of Michigan Helps Parents and Caregivers Find Resources  

The Family Center offers information and connections to community-based resources for families of children with special health care needs.

Hearing impaired man working on laptop at office

Accessibility Series: Michigan Facilities with Hearing Aid Accessibility (Looping)  

A look at hearing loops in Michigan buildings, and why they can be so important.

Ocqueoc Falls In The Lower Peninsula Of Michigan Is Handicapped Accessible

Spotlight on Ocqueoc Falls, One of Michigan’s Few Universally Accessible Waterfalls

Enjoying waterfalls should be something everyone can do. Michigan has a couple great accessible waterfall locations in the Upper and Lower peninsulas.

Grandmother, mother and daughter chatting while prepare food in the kitchen

5 Age-Bias Phrases to Stop Using 

Think it’s OK to poke fun at someone’s age? Think again. Age bias lurks in casual conversations and workplace discussions. Here’s how to stop adding to it.

young man in a electric wheelchair fishing

Accessible Boat Launches, Fishing Spots Across Michigan 

Boating and fishing are popular pastimes in Michigan, and accessibility is driving improvements to fishing piers and boat launches across the state.

University students walking in campus

How to Be an Accessibility Ally on a College Campus 

Educating yourself, being a good listener and supporting others are all key parts of being an accessibility ally on a college campus.

Track chairs on the beach. Beach wheelchairs help expand access to lakes.

Beach Wheelchairs Make Michigan Lakes More Accessible

Electric track chairs at state parks have made trips to the beach and even enjoying a dip in the lake much more accessible to people in the last few years.

Handicapped camping sign in campground

Accessible Trails and Fishing Spots Expanding at Michigan State Campgrounds and Parks 

If you or someone close to you needs easy-to-reach sites or trails at state campgrounds, or accessible fishing spots, here’s the best way to find them.

Arrived For Fishing

Accessibility Around Michigan, Barrier-Free Travel  

As the surge in travel and outdoor recreation continues, so do options for accessible spaces.

Tim Hyatt with Peckham logo hat

People with Developmental Disabilities Find Success in the Workplace 

When you have a developmental disability, workplace issues can seem overwhelming. A company’s support can make all the difference.

disability in winter

Be an Ally for People with Disabilities in the Winter 

Something as simple as entering a building can be downright dangerous for someone with a physical disability or other mobility issues.

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